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DIDYMOS Backpack "DidyGo": Practical, Light & Quick to Use

Have you ever wanted to just put your child in your backpack to get going? Our Didy Onbuhimo "DidyGo" is the fit for you. Its light design and adjustable shoulder straps make you and your baby feel comfortable and secure. Check out our range of colors and patterns to find your perfect Didy Onbuhimo.

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DidyGo Baby Backpack - Comfortable Carrying on the Back without a Waist Belt

Have you ever thought about just putting you child in a backpack when it wants to be carried constantly? Our Didymos DidyGo is the perfect baby carrier for you. Made for children who can already sit independently, this buckle carrier enables you to simply wear your toddler on your back.

Make your toddlers carrying dreams come true and let them be close to you, even when life gets a little hectic.  

How much weight can my DidyGo hold?

Our DidyGo buckle carriers can carry children from 7kg up to 20kg. It has been designed for babies and toddlers who can already sit freely, but still want to be carried by their parents. As a great alternative to a prams, buggies, or front carriers, this Didymos backpack is your perfect fit, especially if you prefer wearing your baby on your back.  

Onbuhimo - The Back Carrier with Japanese Origins

The Didymos DidyGo carrier is heavily influenced by the Japanese carrying tool Onbuhimo (short: Onbu), which allows ergonomic babywearing on the back. The look and use of this special carrier are reminiscent of a rucksack – easy to put on and to take off. Our DidyGo can be folded into a small size, so you can bring it everywhere and is designed to be especially light. Here you can read a little more about what you need to consider when you want to wear your little one on your back.  

DidyGo – Carrying made Easy

Whether you want to give your toddler a break from walking, a quick cuddle on your back or carry your little one while travelling, the DidyGo is your perfect choice. It allows you to wear your fosterling closely, while distributing the weight evenly and making your toddler feel secure.

The perfectly stretchy and cuddly DIDYMOS wraps also provides ideal support for your childs’ back, making carrying particularly comfortable for toddlers and parents. Being able to be close to their guardians and observing their surroundings in a safe atmosphere positively influences the independence and trust of children later in life.

Check out our DIDYMOS Carrier Comparison to help you figure out which carrier is the best fit for your family.  

Didymos Backpack – The Best Choice for Pregnant Wearers

Your second baby is on the way and you would still like to carry your toddler while pregnant? The DidyGo is the perfect fit for you. As this buckle carrier does not require a waist or hip belt, but is made of two wide, padded shoulder straps, it is especially suitable for pregnant wearers.

The DidyGo does not put any pressure on the growing belly, which is very important for the development of the infant. And unlike ring slings, the weight of your baby is distributed on both shoulders making it comfortable for longer wearing sessions, even if you are carrying two babies at once.  

DidyGo Baby Carrier - All the Facts at a Glance

  • Wide, padded shoulder straps
  • Straps individually adjustable
  • Back panel made of diagonally stretchy DIDYMOS organic cotton sling fabric
  • Adjustable chest strap for optimal fit of shoulder straps and back panel
  • Adjustable seat to fit the size of your child perfectly
  • Padded fabric edges at the leg openings
  • Individually adjustable headrest for support of neck and head

  Do you have any more questions? Feel free to contact our friendly customer service team or use our contact form. We’re happy to get you the help you need!