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DIDYMOS DidyGo back carrier: for crawling and walking babies 

The DidyGo is a practical back carrier made from high-quality baby wrap sling material that works like a backpack and is just as quick and easy to use. Our Onbu (from the Japanese word "Onbuhimo") is suitable for slightly older children who can already sit on their own, as well as for frequent ups and downs. The child’s weight is on the shoulders of the wearer and there is no hip belt - so the DidyGo is also ideal for pregnant people.

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Onbuhimo - the back carrier with Japanese origins

The DidyGo carrier is inspired by the Japanese baby carrier called Onbuhimo (Onbu for short). The look of the carrier is reminiscent of a rucksack and the way it is used works in exactly the same way: You can put on and take off your DIDYMOS Onbu quickly and easily, without a hip belt. The weight is only on your shoulders. It is also especially light and small, as well as foldable, so it fits in any bag. 
Whether for short breaks during walks, for cuddling or simply for life on the go, the DidyGo offers your baby the perfect amount of comfort, secure support and closeness. The carrier allows you to wear your child close to your body with optimal weight distribution. The use of dynamic and cuddly DIDYMOS sling fabrics also provides ideal support for the child's back, making carrying particularly comfortable for both child and caregiver. At the same time, the child has great visibility and can therefore easily and comfortably explore their environment from a safe distance. 
If you are still unsure which carrier is suitable for which occasion and which age and weight, you can use our DIDYMOS baby carrier advisor to help you.  

From when and for how long can a back carrier be used? 

The DidyGo back carrier can be used from a body weight of 7 kg or from the time when your baby can sit on their own. The carrier can be loaded up to about 20 kg and is therefore perfect for toddlers. All in all, our Onbu is a practical alternative to a pram, buggy or baby carrier for older babies and toddlers.  
The advantages of an Onbu at a glance:

  • Ideally designed for restless crawling and walking children
  • Light and compact size
  • Quick to put on and take off again
  • Ideal for summer 
  • Well suited for pregnant people 

Carrying on the back for pregnant people 

Because DidyGo carriers do not require a waist belt, they are especially helpful for pregnant people. The weight of your child rests only on your shoulders - thus pressure on the growing belly is specifically avoided. This has not only a positive effect on your own well-being, but also on that of your child, as you can now continue your carrying journey comfortably while meeting your child’s needs for closeness and security that they’re looking for during your pregnancy. 

DidyGo back carrier - facts at a glance

  1. Wide, padded shoulder straps
  2. Individually adjustable straps
  3. Back panel made of diagonally dynamic DIDYMOS sling fabric that adapts to the shape of the body
  4. Adjustable chest strap for optimum fit of the shoulder straps and back panel and to relieve pressure on the shoulders
  5. Infinitely adjustable base, adaptable to the size of the carried child
  6. Padded fabric edges at the leg openings
  7. Headrest for secure support for the neck and head (individually adjustable)

Putting on our Onbuhimo

Place your Onbuhimo on a table, chair, bench - anything that is available or within reach. Now sit your baby on the back panel and guide their legs through the straps. Kneel or sit in front of your baby, slip your arms into the straps, close the chest strap and pull the straps tight - done!
If there really is no opportunity to find a stable surface, you can also have your child climb into the straps while standing and then continue as described.
A detailed tutorial on how to put on an Onbuhimo can be found here.

DidyTip: The DidyGo is particularly comfortable when you carry your child high up. You can achieve this by shortening the shoulder straps at the bottom. To do this easily, lift your child's bottom with one hand at the same time you shorten the straps with the other. 

Not only for the back

An Onbuhimo is a classic back carrier - but other ways of carrying with the Onbu are becoming increasingly popular. For example, you can also carry your child on your front - perfect for if your child needs a little more affection, wants to be nursed or wants to sleep safely. The carrying on your front works in the same way as carrying on your back - except that you stand in front of your child with your chest facing your child and then put the carrier on. You can also change positions while carrying without having to take the DidyGo off. 

Carrying siblings and twins with our Onbuhimo

Do you have twins or a sibling who wants to be carried at the same time? Tandem carrying is perfect with our DidyGo as there is no waist belt. For example, you can carry the older child in the Onbu on your back while you carry your baby in a sling on your front. You can also carry twins in the Onbuhimo by combining the DidyGo with a second DidyGo or a completely different carrier, whether on your back or front - there are no limits to your imagination!

Any questions?

Then take a look at our FAQ! Here you will find all the frequently asked questions and our answers to them. Still not sure about everything? Then please contact our friendly customer service or tell us about your concern using our contact form. You can also find the next babywearing consultation in our babywearing course finder.