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Breastfeeding and bonding - for a strong connection between parents and baby

The time around birth is a very special time and we can lay the foundation for a good bond between us parents and our baby. It should also be comfortable and cosy, which is why we have developed our sleeping, nursing and positioning pillows and our bonding tops. Discover them and secure a cosy place for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.

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Nursing pillows as versatile helpers

Nursing pillows not only provide support during breastfeeding, but also prove to be versatile helpers in various situations. The ergonomic shape not only offers a comfortable position during breastfeeding, but also serves as a support for the belly during pregnancy or a cosy place for the baby to lie down. 

Adults and older children with a restless sleep will find a cosy nest for a peaceful night's sleep in the nursing and sleeping pillows. The comfortable head section combined with the flexible side sections provide a safe and comfortable boundary to limit restlessness and provide security.

The versatility of our nursing pillows makes them an essential accessory for new mums, parents and families.

Bonding tops for the postnatal period

DIDYMOS bonding tops facilitate kangarooing after the birth and therefore bonding between parents and child. They promote a successful parent-child bond with lots of closeness and skin contact on the parent's chest. This closeness supports breastfeeding, the regulation of the baby's temperature, heart rate and breathing are regulated and restlessness is alleviated. 

Mum, dad and baby can relax in peace and pass on strength, calm and relaxation - when cuddling in the clinic or at home during the postnatal period.

We developed the bonding tops with neonatology specialists and they are recommended by midwives, doctors and paediatric nurses.

Supporting the bonding process

Breastfeeding is not only a way of feeding the baby, but also a key part of bonding. Nursing pillows and bonding tops help to create a comfortable and relaxed breastfeeding position that allows mother and baby to bond. The closeness created during breastfeeding or feeding strengthens the bond between parent and child and promotes a feeling of safety and security.

Nursing pillow as an ideal gift

Due to their versatility and their positive effects on the relationship between parents and baby, they make an excellent gift for parents-to-be. High-quality and manufactured to the highest standards, they are appreciated and will certainly be used for a long time.

By investing in high-quality nursing pillows and bonding tops, you are not only improving comfort when breastfeeding and sleeping, but also investing in bonding with your baby.