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DidySling - The Practical Sling for Your Baby from Birth

Combining comfort, practicality, safety and three ways to carry your child skin to skin – the Didymos DidySling. Choose your favorite pattern and fabric and you will soon be part of the Didymos baby carrying family. Find out more about our woven wrap now:

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The Practical DidySling: A Ring Sling Without Any Knots

Our DidySling needs no knots, Velcro, or buckles to make a perfect carrier for your little one. It has two rings sewn into the woven fabric. Simply pass the free end of the Jaquard fabric through the aluminum rings, almost as if you were tightening a belt buckle, slip it onto one shoulder and you are ready to go. Get your stylish and practical Didymos baby sling now.  

Instructions: How to properly wear your DidySling

No matter what position you decide to carry your baby in, it only takes three steps to put your DidySling on:

  1. Wrap the piece of fabric around your body with the two rings in front of your shoulder.
  2. Pass the free end through the two rings and tighten the strings.
  3. Place your baby in the sling and pull on the end of the fabric until your child is placed securely in the wrap.

Wear your little one comfortably on your hip, in front of your chest or on your back. Do you need a little extra help figuring out how to tie your DidySling? Check out this tutorial on how to wrap your Didymos ring sling, along with other useful tips for you.  

The Didymos Baby Sling – What makes it so special?

If you and your baby need to get going quickly, the DidySling is the perfect addition to you family. You can put it on as fast as you can take if off again, no matter what position you are carrying your child in. If your fosterling wants to get out for a little play date, crawling or running, simply take them out of the sling, keep it on and put them back in when they want to be carried again. Our Didymos ring sling gifts you and your baby important closeness – even on the go. This Didymos ring sling made of soft organic cotton is a true all-rounder. As a safe sling for carrying from birth onwards, it creates a special bond between parent (or carrier) and child and offers many ways to make yourselves comfortable. If you need a little guidance in choosing the right Sling for you and your baby, check out our DIDYMOS Carrier Comparison tool.  

Optimal Fit from Birth Onwards

If you are looking for a Sling that grows with your child from birth, until you can’t carry them anymore, the DidySling is the companion for your family. Since the high-quality material adapts perfectly to the shape of wearer and baby, your little one can be carried from birth onwards.

The DidySling is convenient, easy to use and will be your favorite baby carrier if you are looking for a long-term ring sling without any frills.  

What Materials do we use at DIDYMOS?

You can get the DidySling carrier in different colors, patterns, in organic cotton and many more customization options. It is currently available in almost all sling fabric variations, including a mix with high-quality natural fibers such as new wool, hemp, or cashmere.

The ecological materials used to produce all DIDYMOS slings ensure sustainability, as we care about our responsibility to protect the environment, just as we protect your children. Read more about our fair production here.  

Do you have any remaining questions? Please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team or use our contact form and we’ll get you the help you need!