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DidySling - The Practical Ring Sling for Your Baby from Birth

Combining comfort, practicality, safety and three ways to carry your child skin to skin – the Didymos DidySling Ring Sling. Choose your favorite pattern and fabric and you will soon be part of the Didymos baby carrying family. Find out more about our Ring Sling now

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Why our DidySling is the best ring sling:

With our ring sling (DidySling) you are ready for all adventures! Our ring sling fits in any handbag, is always handy and accompanies you reliably in everyday life including on short trips. Appropriate to use from birth – centred on the wearer’s front, on the hip or on the back. 

What is a ring sling?

Our DidySling is what is called a ring sling, which is a sling with two rings that are firmly sewn on at one end. You pull the free end through the rings like a belt buckle, tighten once and the ring sling will be perfectly fitted to your body shape and your baby - from birth up to 20kg.  

When can I start using a ring sling?

Our ring sling can be used for both newborns and large toddlers until the end of the carrying journey - from birth up to a weight of 20kg

Why use a ring sling?

With our ring sling there is no need to tie knots to be ready to go: walk short distances, go shopping, hang up laundry or enjoy the closeness. 

The best part: When the child wants to get down, you simply loosen the rings, take him/her out and put your ring sling aside. The ring sling is ready to use again at the next opportunity and only needs to be tightened, not re-tied. So, you can just leave it in your nappy bag or buggy, for example - until the next adventure is ready for you.  

What is the difference between a ring sling and a baby sling?

A ring sling differs from a longer sling in two ways: It is usually shorter and has rings sewn onto one end of the sling.

Unlike the baby sling, there is no need for time-consuming tying and knotting - you put your child in it, pull the fabric tight, and you're done.

The advantages of the ring sling:

  • Short, handy sling that finds its place in every packed nappy bag
  • No tedious tying and knotting
  • Once threaded for you individually, it is immediately ready for adventures together 
  • Perfect for short distances, use around the house or to provide closeness and comfort
  • Suitable from birth until the end of the carrying period
  • Wear as you like: centred on the front, hip, or back
  • Perfect for fussy kids who want to see more of the world 
  • Casually elegant style that gives your outfit that extra touch
  • Available in many different designs to match your look

How to tie a ring sling:

Wearing options

There are many ways to tie a ring sling to your body - but it’s always without knotting!
You have the following choices:

The classic: On the hip

Babies particularly enjoy this position on your hip, as they have a wide line of sight and still feel safe and protected.
The advantages for carrying on the hip:

  • Usable from birth
  • Your baby is happier, especially as they get bigger, because he/she can see more.
  • You have a lot of freedom of movement
  • Breastfeeding is easy

An illustrated description and detailed instructions for carrying with the ring sling on the hip can be found here.

For intimate moments: Centred on front

Especially tender newborns or very small babies often feel most comfortable centred on your front at the beginning. Here we always have their needs in mind as well.
Advantages of carrying centred on front:

  • Can be used from birth, even for very small babies
  • Especially close and cuddly
  • You have your baby optimally in view

An illustrated description and detailed tutorials on carrying with the ring sling centred on front can be found here

If it should be practical: On your back

Is your baby getting bigger and you can't carry him/her on your hip for too long? Then simply carry your child in the ring sling on your back! On a trip or hike, it also provides the perfect view on all sides.
Advantages for carrying on the back:

  • Better weight distribution
  • Longer carrying distances are possible
  • Your baby gets to see everything at eye level
  • Full freedom of movement for you

You can find an illustrated description and detailed instructions on how to carry with the ring sling on your back here.

Pleated fold or gathered fold?

The gathered fold (R) for the shoulder is often perceived as particularly pleasant and comfortable, because the fabric can be fanned out over the shoulder, adjusted more precisely and thus the weight can be distributed more evenly. At the same time, especially slender and petite people often find a pleated (S) shoulder design more comfortable. You can read about the difference between the gathers and the pleated fold here.

DidyTip: Try both variants and discover the fold that suits you best - at a babywearing consultation, in our store or via our DidyTry offer.

What materials is the ring sling made of?

Our ring sling is available in many different colours and patterns. Currently, our DidySling is available in almost all baby sling variations, including blends with high-quality natural fibres such as virgin wool, hemp, linen, silk or cashmere content. The ecological-focused materials used in the production of all DIDYMOS slings are of course also used in our ring slings. You can read more about this here.

How do I convert my sling into a ring sling?

If you already have a short sling size 2 or 3, you only need two sling rings. How to turn your sling into a ring sling in no time at all, we show you here.

I have more questions!

In our FAQ you will find all frequently asked questions and our answers to them. Any other questions? Then contact our friendly customer service team or tell us about your concern via our contact form