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DidySnap 4u: with ergonomic waist belt

DidySnap 4u for an all-around great wearing experience. The ergonomically waist belt is slightly wider in the middle and so tight that a particularly comfortable fit is guaranteed. This fullbuckle is suitable for all baby carriers from birth to toddler age. The straps and adjustment options provide maximum comfort for any age. Discover DidySnap 4u in many color and pattern variations:

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DidySnap 4u - Our Baby Carrier for Every Age

A baby carrier that grows with your child and comfortable and convenient at the same time sounds too good to be true? Our Didymos DidySnap combines the best of both worlds. The continuously adjustable seat size and padded shoulder straps enable you to wear your baby safely and comfortably no matter the age.

Another special feature: the shoulder straps can either be led under the baby’s bottom and clicked into the patented M-buckle or, in the case of larger toddlers, attached to the top of the back panel. The DidySnap allows you to carry your child in many ways, strengthening the bond between parent and baby.  

What makes the DidySnap 4u Baby Carrier so special?

Children love to be carried. Especially babies need to be close to their guardians to create a trusting bond through this kind of closeness. Experiencing the first taste of their surroundings feeling safe and protected, creates a more trusting and open mindset that will later benefit your little one greatly.

With the DidySnap baby carrier you can keep your baby close to the action, while you go about your day. Routine tasks for you, are an adventure for your little one, so make sure to take them with you. This carrier, made of organic cotton, combines comfort and convenience, while also encouraging correct posture and development of your fosterling. If you need a little guidance choosing the perfect baby carrier for you, check out our DIDYMOS Baby Carrier Comparison.  

One Baby Carrier - Many Possibilities

Whether you prefer wearing your baby on your back, in front, or on your hips – The Didymos DidySnap makes it possible. The shoulder and waist straps are closed with buckles, enabling you to be fast and flexible in your baby carrying.

The built-in snaps can be adjusted when your baby grows, which is why every carrying position is possible, no matter if your child is a newborn or toddler. Check out our Didymos DidySnap now and experience the comport and flexibility of this full buckle carrier.  

What Age is the DidySnap 4u Baby Carrier Suitable for?

Our DidySnap is a model, that can be used from birth until the end of the carrying period. Its adjustable headrest ensures safe carrying for your newborn, when a little more head support is needed. Once your baby grows older, the built-in snaps allow many adjustments to make you and your little one as comfortable as possible.

One of the advantages of the DidySnap is the fast handling and uncomplicated adjustment possibilities, making it the perfect carrier, even for beginners.  

Carrying is Love - Especially Right After Birth

After birth it is important for your baby to not lose the sense of security it had in your belly. One way to make that possible is baby carrying. Holding newborns without a special carrier usually takes two arms, since extra head support it needed.

Our DidySnap allows you to carry your newborn, while having both of your arms free. The width of the headrest is adjustable, ensuring optimum head support while your baby snuggles up close to you. Create a strong bond between you and your little one by sharing body heat and closeness with our Didymos DidySnap.  

DidySnap 4u: The Place to be for your Toddler

No matter the age of your child - babies and toddler love to be carried. With the DidySnaps individually adjustable seat, panel belts and pads, you can easily and quickly adjust the DidySnap to the size of your child. Take your toddler on hikes or adventures so your little one can be close to the action, even if they need a little walking break.  

DidySnap 4u - The Most Important Facts at a Glance

  • Individually adjustable ergonomic waist belt with patented m buckle
  • Highly adjustable seat
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Two buckle plug-in positions with the patented M-buckle
  • Many wearing possibilities (in front, on the back or on the hips)
  • Soft, integrated adjustable headrest
  • Back panel and neck width adjustable by cords
  • All outer fabrics – panel, belt and straps – are made of DIDYMOS organic baby sling fabrics
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Weight capacity from 3.5 to 20 kg

Need any more help? Please contact our friendly DIDYMOS customer service team or use our contact form to get in touch.