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Babywearing Jackets and Covers 

No matter if it's raining, storming or snowing outside, with a babywearing jacket or cover, your baby and you are perfectly protected from the weather. Just siomply put your baby in the sling or carrier, put on the jacket and off you go on your adventure!

Find the jacket that suits you and your needs: to wear centred on front or on your back, made of softshell, wool, sweat shirt or fleece, for spring, autumn or winter, for men as well as for women.  

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What are the possibilities for babywearing jackets for parents and child?

We have the right carrying jacket for every occasion! Many of them are true all-rounders, which can be used almost all year round and in different phases of life. For example, most carrying jackets have maternity inserts for the autumn or winter. And after maternity and babyweraring phases are over, the inserts can be completely removed and the jacket can also be used as a normal, full-fledged and high-quality functional jacket

With a babywearing jacket, you can carry your baby centred on front under the jacket. Many jackets also offer a function for carrying on the back.

  • Babywearing jackets are available in different materials:
  • Softshell
  • Boiled whale
  • Wool
  • Fleece
  • Sweat
  • Recycled Polyester
  • And Much More!

At DIDYMOS you can find babywearing jackets for women as well as for men. Plus, for easier sharing, there are some unisex carrying jackets, too.  

How do I use a baby carrier jacket?

Each carrying jacket comes with at least one separate insert, which you can integrate into the jacket as you wish.

If you want to carry centred on front:
If you want to carry your baby or toddler centred on front and under your jacket, we recommend that you first attach the carrying insert to the front of the jacket. This is easily done by zipping one side of the insert into one side of the jacket’s front opening. 
If you already have your child in the sling or carrier, you now put on the jacket as usual and zip close the other side of the zipper - done! 
If you use the jacket exclusively over a baby carrier, you can always leave the insert attached and you are ready to go. You can find a video tutorial here.

If you want to carry on the back:
To wear your jacket while back carrying your child, insert the carrying insert into the back zipper and zip close both zippers (not just one, as when wearing centred on front). Leave plenty of room for your child's head. Then swing the jacket over the back and slip in the sleeves - you can see exactly how this works.
Don't worry, this sounds more complicated than it is. With a little practice, these moves will soon happen with ease, and delight. 
We'll show you these put on a baby carrier jacket for wearing on your back in our video tutorial.

If you want to use the babywearing jacket as a maternity jacket:
Are you pregnant and want to use your babywearing jacket as a maternity jacket for autumn or winter? No problem. 
Many jackets come with a separate insert for pregnancy - just zip it in at the side, like the "If you want to wear centred on front" step. Some jackets can also be zipped open at the side to make room for your baby bump. 

If you want to use the babywearing jacket as a normal jacket:
Is your wearing time over or are you traveling without baby? Simply remove all the inserts from the jacket and use your baby carrier jacket as a normal everyday jacket.

Advantages of a baby carrier jacket:

  • Regulation of body temperature: by placing your baby directly against your skin, you warm him when he is cold and cool him when he sweats. This way, it can neither undercool nor overheat!
  • Closeness and security: While you can experience especially cuddly carrying moments, you still have your baby and his needs optimally in view, even in bad weather.
  • Mobility: Your baby has fallen asleep in the sling at home, but you need to take the sibling to daycare? No problem! Just put on the jacket and go - no more getting dressed!
  • Flexibility: even if your baby falls asleep on the way and you arrive at the mall or café, you can simply take off your jacket and he can blissfully continue sleeping.
  • Freedom of movement: a sling or a carrier over the thick winter jacket restricts quite a bit! With a carrier jacket, this problem is history.
  • Minimalism: whether pregnant, carrying a baby, or in post-carrying life, you buy one jacket and you can use it for all stages of life.
  • Less fuss: have a baby who doesn’t enjoy wearing jackets? With a baby carrier jacket, you don’t need to dress a squirming baby in a lot of different layers.

All year round: Wearing jackets in summer, spring, autumn and winter

In our latitudes, you almost always need a jacket - even on balmy summer evenings, a light summer jacket provides protection and security. Therefore, it makes sense in any case and at any time of the year to think about a carrying jacket. While it is often quite clear with winter or autumn babies that a thick, warming winter jacket and/or a rain jacket is needed, it looks different with summer babies or children who are carried for a long time. Here, solutions that can be used all year round are recommended, such as all-season coats or jackets made of softshell. Light jackets made of sweatshirt or fleece are especially suitable for cool summer days - and as an additional supplement for cold winter days indoors and outdoors.

What clothes do I put on my child under the carrying jacket or in winter?

Since you are wearing your child directly against your body and under your jacket, he or she does not need any additional or special clothing under the sling or carrier - what he or she is wearing inside is perfectly adequate. However, be sure to wear appropriate headgear in both summer and winter. If there are more parts of your child's body sticking out of the jacket, such as hands or feet, it is advisable to provide additional protection, e.g. with gloves and furry booties. Check the temperature of your child regularly by touching his or her neck and adjust clothing if necessary. You can find more information about this here.

Carrying your child in a baby carrier on your back

If you want to carry your child on your back under the babywearing jacket, please make sure that the carrying jacket also has a back carrying function or a carrying insert for the back. Back carrying jackets have an additional zipper on the back, into which the insert can be zipped. Insert the carrying insert and zip close all zippers, but make sure to leave enough space for your child's head. Then swing the jacket over the back and slip in the sleeves - you can see exactly how this works here.

Any questions?

Are you still unclear about something? Then be sure to check out our FAQ - here you'll find all the answers to the community's most frequently asked questions. You can also contact us via live chat or ask your question in the DIDYMOS Community