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The Jersey Sling: The best Support to keep Tiny and Delicate Babies Safe and Close

Our Jersey sling is the most comfortable and safe solution for your newborn, especially if they are born prematurely or of very tiny nature. The knitted fabric consists of 100% organic cotton or a blend with wool or silk, which is what makes them so elastic and the perfect woven wrap to carry your baby skin to skin.
The so-called hybrid sling can still be used when your baby gets older, holding toddlers up to 26 pounds safely with multiple layers of fabric.

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Elastic Sling - Safe Carrying from Birth

The Didymos Jersey Sling is particularly suitable for carrying delicate and lightweight babies. Designed to fit the needs of light newborns or babies with temporary blockages, this baby carrier provides the right support and comfort for your child.

Due to the very soft and elastic fabric we use at DIDYMOS, the little ones can snuggle up into in the cotton or cotton blended carrier and feel safe and secure. The Jersey Sling offers even more gentle support than our buckle carriers like our DidyGo and DidyKlick.  

DIDYMOS Jersey Sling – How much can they hold?

Other than structured carriers, elastic baby wrap slings can be used from birth onwards. They are especially suitable for very small, light and even premature babies. The recommended weight limit of our jersey slings is a maximum of 26 pounds. You can get our stretchy wrap in different sizes, allowing you to layer the fabric for even more support. The Didymos hybrid slings are the perfect companion from birth until toddler age.  

Elastic Sling vs. Woven Baby Wrap Sling

If you want to use your baby carrier for a long period of time, we at Didymos recommend the long woven sling, because it offers countless variations for tying and grows with the needs of your baby.

The knitted jersey sling, on the other hand, is very practical for many new parents and is pleasantly soft, especially at the beginning of your little ones life. It can be pre-tied, which makes it the perfect starter, even if you do not have a lot of babywearing expertise yet.

Advantages of the Elastic Sling

One advantage of our elastic jersey slings is that they are easy to put on and the perfect fit for beginners. It can be pre-tied, making the process of popping the baby in a lot easier. If necessary, you can take your child out of the stretchy sling quick and easy. When ready to put the little one back in, the hybrid sling is still on and you do not have to go through the whole wrapping process again.

This is certainly a strong argument for all mums and dads who are still unsure how to handle a sling.

In addition to that the hybrid sling offers strong support and comfort for even the littlest newborns, which makes them different from other models like the woven wrap or structured carriers like the DidyGo, which are designed for older babies.  

Advantages of the Woven Sling

Elastic knitted slings, like the Didymos Jersey sling, can generally be subjected to less stress and can therefore be used for a shorter period than woven slings. We recommend using our woven wraps if you want to use the same baby carrier for a long period of time, since it can grow with your child. Another advantage of baby slings like the DidySling are the countless ways of tying them, which enables you to position your child in many comfortable ways.

Unfortunately, we cannot give a general recommendation as to which DIDYMOS sling is best. Depending on the needs of you and your baby, there definitely is a perfect sling for you though. Let us help you find it!

Our friendly customer service team is happy to assess your individual requirements to find the perfect fit for you and your baby. You can also use our contact form. We will gladly advise you!  

Elastic Sling Tying - That's How It Works:

With a little practice we guarantee that you will soon be able to tie a sling in your sleep. If you need a little help with the first few attempts, we have prepared some video tutorials. Our step-by-step instructions show you the three ways of tying your elastic jersey sling:

  1. Front Wrap Cross Carry (Our tip: This variation provides a lot of security, protection and good support for your back and your baby's head & back).
  2. Front Cross Carry
  3. Robin’s Hip Carry

Any further questions? Then please contact our friendly customer service team or describe your request using ourcontact form.