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DidyKlick 4u with ergonomic waist belt

The DIDYMOS DidyKlick 4u is a mixture of a baby wrap sling and a full buckle carrier, combining the best of both worlds. It attaches to the torso with only one buckle on the waist belt and is tied over the shoulders. The DidyKlick 4u is a so-called half-buckle baby carrier, which allows you to carry your little one three ways: on the back, in front and on the hip. Discover our DidyKlick 4u range in many colours, pattern variations, and prices!

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DidyKlick 4u - The Quick and Easy Baby Carrier

If you are looking for a baby carrier that is easy and fast to put on, grow’s with your child and is coupled with the latest safety standards (CEN/TR 16512), the Didymos DidyKlick 4u is your perfect match.

With this half buckle carry, the waist belt no longer consists of a long piece of fabric that is knotted but is much shorter and only fastened with a buckle. Once the padded ergonomically waist belt is clicked on, the shoulder straps can be tied around the shoulders – the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. The woven wrap combined with a sturdy waistbelt is easily adjustable, has an integrated headrest and will be your little ones’ new favorite place to be.    

One Baby Carrier - Three Carrying Positions

The DidyKlick 4u half buckle is made of pure organic cotton – naturally elastic, hard-wearing, skin-friendly, and ecologically safe. The combination of the soft wrap fabric and the comfortable body panel enables you to carry your fosterling three different ways:

  • on the back
  • on the hip
  • in front of the torso

No matter the position you choose, your baby will feel comfortable and safe being snuggled up so close to you. The wrap fabric is soft and adapts to the length and width of your baby, enabling you to keep using the DidyKlick as your little one gets older. Every position promotes an ergonomic and comfortable spread squat position.

If you are interested in learning more about our sustainable, fair production of cotton click here.    

When and How Long Can the DidyKlick 4u Half Buckle Carrier be Used?

The DidyKlick 4u Baby Carrier can be used from a body weight of 3.5 kg up to a body weight of 20 kg. As your baby gets older and bigger, the half buckle carrier grows with your child, since the wide shoulder straps of the wrap fabric can be easily adjusted.

If you are unsure which carrier or baby wrap is the perfect fit for you and your baby, you can use our DIDYMOS Carrier Comparison to help guide you through our stock.  

DidyKlick 4u Half Buckle Carrier - Facts at a Glance:

  • Continuously adjustable waist strap with tested plastic buckle
  • Carrying panel with integrated headrest
  • Wide shoulder straps made of baby sling fabric
  • Carrying panel and straps made of pure organic cotton
  • Suitable for all ages (3.5 kg to 20 kg)
  • Regional production with a variety of designs, sizes and prices available

Any further questions? Contact our friendly customer service team or use our contact form so we can get you the help you need.