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The Baby Sling - Our Classic in All Sizes, Colours & Patterns

Carrying your baby while being free in your movements, strengthening the bond between you and your child and offering your fostering many health benefits? The baby sling by Didymos makes it possible. Finding your perfect fit regarding colors, sizes and carrying techniques has never been so easy. Which baby sling is your favorite? Find out now!

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The Baby Sling from Sling Specialist DIDYMOS since 1972

It all started in 1979 when Erika Hoffmann placed a piece of cloth around her body, tied a knot and put one of her twins in it. The Didymos Baby Sling was born. Ever since then a community around keeping your baby close, safe, and healthy has emerged. Why are so many parents using Didymos Baby Slings every day?

When in the womb, babies are used to having their mothers’ heartbeat, warmth, and voice very close to them. After birth that sense of security and familiarity can be taken from them, if they do not share enough closeness to their guardians’ body.

By using the Didymos Baby Sling, parents can make sure that their baby is not lacking the physical touch and connection they need to be happy and comfortable. But its not just the children that benefit from our ring slings. With your baby wrapped around you safely, you can use both of your hands and are able to move more freely in everyday life.

No matter the size, design, or model – nothing is as versatile and individually adaptable as our high-quality ring slings. Find your perfect baby sling fit at Didymos now.    

A Baby Sling from DIDYMOS: Your solution to making everyday life with a child practical

Parents want to keep their little ones safe and as close as possible, especially in their younger years. But being able to productively go about the day, while keeping an eye out for a little child is often a challenge. Our baby slings solve the problem of having to cut yourself in two, while simultaneously providing your child with health benefits and the opportunity to be skin to skin with you.

By using the Didymos baby sling carrier you can integrate your newborn into your everyday life right from the start. Experiencing many more details of immediate surroundings, while being kept safe and close, will enable your baby to learn faster and grow in a comfortable environment. By using a soft structured carrier, parents can also help their little ones develop the musculoskeletal system, because of the frequent movement that is imposed on them.

We can ensure that our Baby Slings will not only make your lives easier, but also improve the quality of your fosterlings first years. Choose from our various colors, patterns and sizes and find the right fit for you and your baby with the help of our interactive size advisor.  

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Slings – Carrying your child made easy

Our ring slings do not necessarily have a weight limit. Depending on how much weight you can carry, it is possible to use the ring slings up until the end of the carrying period. By using the right tying method, the weight of your child will be evenly distributed, and you can keep them close, even when they grow to be a little bigger and heavier. Use our DIDYMOS carrier comparison tool to help you find the ideal DIDYMOS wrap for your family.  

Correctly Wrapped? One Baby Sling - Many Tying Methods

Thanks to the super soft elastic fabric made of organic cotton, there are many ways to tie a fabric baby sling. You can carry your baby in front of the chest, on one of your hips and on the back.

You might need a little practice in the beginning, but you will soon find the right carry position for you and your child.

Because one thing is certain: Didymos baby wrap slings are true quick-change artists.

If you need some help figuring out how to tie your sling or the shoulder straps, check out our detailed video instructions. There you can find tutorials for different techniques to tie all our sling models, no matter the age of your little one.

Any further questions? Then please contact our friendly customer service team or get help using our contact form.