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Carrying in Special Situations

Tragen in der SchwangerschaftAt the end of the day, we carry our children regardless. However, carrying with a sling or a baby carrier is much gentler on our bodies. Therefore, there is nothing to stop a pregnant person from continuing to carry her child, as long as you feel comfortable and there are no medical reasons not to do so. Carrying methods without a belly or hip belt that could press on your abdomen are particularly suitable, such as the Didy Onbuhimo or the simple ruck carry with a sling, when the child is carried on your back.

After a caesarean section, a tying method is recommended in which the knot of the sling runs above the scar, e.g. the kangaroo carry. If you use a carrier, such as the DidyKlick, you should make sure that the waist belt is also above the scar. As always, make sure the carrier or sling fits snugly and that the sling panels are fanned out over the shoulders and back to take as much weight off the abdomen as possible.

Premature babies can be carried early on on the ward and benefit considerably from this in their development. Please contact your hospital and/or an experienced babywearing consultant.

Absolutely! Babywearing acts like a massage on baby's tummy and has been shown to help reduce tummy aches.

By adopting the squat-spread position, carrying is beneficial for the healthy growth and development of the hip and is often a useful addition to therapy. However, always clarify the procedure in individual cases with the doctor treating your child and seek carrying advice if your child wears a spreader. A child with a harness can also be carried in the DIDYMOS sling or the Didy carriers on the body. Talk with us about the best way to tie the sling and we will be happy to advise you.

Yes, it is possible. There are no restrictions on babies wearing cloth nappies.

We offer our slings in many different lengths - you can use our interactive size advisor to find the right length for you. If the strap of our baby carriers is too short or too long for you, we will gladly exchange it for a suitable one.