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About DIDYMOS Baby Carriers

Whatever is most comfortable for you and your baby - that is best for you. Basically, the baby sling is the gold standard against which every baby carrier should be measured. This is the case with all our baby carriers (see also: Which sling or baby carrier should I buy?).

Our carriers are all sewn from our own woven sling fabrics.

In summary, our DidySnap is a full buckle sling, while our DidyKlick is a half buckle sling. The Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) has no buckles at all and can be tied individually, while the Didy Onbuhimo (DidyGo) has no hip belt, which allows the baby to be carried up and down very quickly. You can find more detailed information on our product pages. Click here to go to our comparison of baby carriers.

With our baby carriers (except DidyGo and DidyKlick 4u Toddler) you can carry your child from birth or 3.5kg.

Tragen gleich nach der GeburtCorrectly adjusted, any of our baby carriers are suitable for newborns (except our Didy Onbuhimo). The DIDYMOS sling is always the easiest to adjust because it is infinitely variable. Please always make sure that your child is correctly seated and adequately supported and contact a babywearing consultant or us if you are unsure. (See also: What should I pay attention to when carrying my child).

Put the child in front of the waist belt and not on top of it. This helps to prevent the belt from crumpling.

We also offer our straps in extra long or short. Just contact us and we will exchange your belt. If your belt is too long, you can also try putting it on the longest setting and double wrapping it.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible, but whenever we can, we will try to fulfil your requests. Just get in touch with us.

Every child is different. Therefore, we advise waiting until after birth before buying a baby carrier so you can try them out together to discover which carrying system works best for you. Since there are many different carrying systems, you can discover the different options during pregnancy using our babywearing advisor.

Depending on how your pregnancy progresses, a baby wrap can also be helpful before you give birth, as there are different tying techniques to relieve different discomforts during pregnancy. A babywearing consultant can help you here.

The gold standard for carrying a newborn is our DIDYMOS baby wrap sling, as it always fits the carrying adult and baby perfectly. You can choose between a woven wrap and a stretchy jersey wrap.

Our DIDYMOS baby carriers are a good alternative for babywearing beginners who are not (yet) confident in tying the sling. Four of our carriers can be used from birth, only the DidyGo and DidyKlick 4u Toddler are for larger babies.

Our interactive baby carrier advisor can help you choose the right baby carrier. You are also welcome to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

The best carrying method is the one that suits you, your child and your needs and that you feel comfortable in. You should make sure that your baby has a secure hold, a free airway, an upright posture and an ergonomic spread squat position, as well as comfortable weight distribution for you.

Our interactive baby carrier guide can help you choose the right baby carrier. You are also welcome to contact us at any time if you have any questions.