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Wearing at Different Times of the Year

Dress your baby normally - but note that the sling or carrier usually replaces a layer of clothing.

Basically, yes, because your child is well protected from overheating in the sling or carrier. However, please avoid the blazing midday sun and make sure your child wears adequate sun protection, including a sun hat and protection for legs and feet. Here you can find our tips for babywearing in summer.

Thin, airy wraps made of breathable materials such as linen, silk or hemp are suitable for summer.

Normally, your child is protected by your umbrella. Alternatively or additionally, a rain jacket with a hood is recommended. Here you can find our current range of carrying jackets.

It is best to carry small babies on your body and under your own jacket. Please have a look at our carrying guide Babywearing in winter.

Yes, but you should always carry your child on front, as you will usually fall backwards onto your bottom or back if you slip. Always make sure your footing is safe. If it is really slippery, it is better to stay at home. We also recommend spikes.

Even on hot days you can carry your baby in a baby carrier and she or he is well protected close to your body. Our DidySlings as well as the DidyFix and the DidyGo are particularly popular and airy baby carriers for the warmer seasons.

We have compiled our tips for carrying in the summer for you here.

Your child can wear what he or she would wear indoors under the babycarrying jacket. In addition, your baby will need a hat, a scarf, warm socks or furry shoes and gloves if necessary.

We have compiled detailed information on carrying in winter for you here.

This depends on whether you wear your baby over or under your jacket when using your baby carrier. We recommend carrying small babies under your jacket. If you want to wear your child over your jacket, we recommend a warm woollen overall. Thick snowsuits are unsuitable because of the air pockets in the material. Make sure to protect all parts of the body that stick out of the carrier such as baby’s legs and head.

We have compiled detailed information on carrying in winter for you here.