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Sling Rings, Pair Silver

Product number: 0089
Color: Silver-Grey
Material: Aluminium
From €6.95
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These rings are perfectly suited to turn your short DIDYMOS Baby Wrap (for example size 2) into a ring sling. You can either use the rings to make a permanent change by sewing the rings onto one end of the wrap. Alternately, you can use the rings to make a no-sew ring sling and keep the wrap unchanged. For instructions go to our DidyMagazine.

These solid aluminum rings feature unique no-weld construction. They are 5 mm thick, nickel-free and thus hypoallergenic. The rings are sold in pairs and they are available in a wide variety of colours to match any DIDYMOS wraps.

Sizes (diameter):

63,5 mm (new!)

75 mm

87 mm

Material & properties

Color: Silver-Grey
Material: Aluminium

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Oct 15, 2020 12:21

Absolut hochwertige Ringe

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