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DIDYMOS october sale

Prepare yourself optimally for the winter with baby - because carrying is especially practical in the cold season. You and your baby can protect each other and stay cosy and warm through the winter. Start now and save.

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DIDYMOS baby carriers and slings on sale - only for a short time

We're cleaning out our warehouse and you can save your equipment for your babywearing winter and the time beyond.

Babywearing in cold weather

The days are getting shorter and it's getting colder outside. Nevertheless, we are constantly on the move with our baby. Even at home, our babies enjoy being close to our bodies and being allowed to take part in everyday life. A daily walk outside is good for us and our children. 
Now is also the perfect time to carry your baby outside. Protect yourself and your child from the weather with a babywearing cover or a babywearing jacket and you can enjoy the time outside. With your bodies close together, you can keep each other warm and be very flexible when out and about.Here you can find more tips on babywearing in winter.

The right baby carrier for you and your baby

Babywearing is versatile and changes as your baby grows. At DIDYMOS you will always find the right babycarrier or baby wrap sling for you.

Our babycarriers grow continuously and you will find different models from birth to toddler age. Newborns and small babies find a cosy place in a baby wrap sling or baby carrier and can be worn under a jacket in winter.

But toddlers still seek our closeness too, and a baby carrier makes everyday life easier. Whether it's a DidySling or a toddler carrier  - we offer always a suitable solution.

What baby carriers are there?

Babycarrier come in different variations and can be divided into different types. From slings to full-buckle carriers, you will always find the right one for you and your child among our DIDYMOS babycarriers.

Fullbuckle carriers: DidySnap 4u and DidyFix
Babycarriers for tying: DidyKlick 4u and DidyTai
Babycarriers for larger babies and toddlers: DidyKlick 4u Toddler and DidyGo
DIDYMOS baby wrap slings: woven wrap, elastic jersey wrap and DidySling ring sling

You can find an overview of the different features of the models in our little babywearing guide.

How do I find the right baby carrier?

The right baby carrier for you and your child is the one that suits you best and depends on various factors and preferences. Would you prefer a baby carrier with buckles or to tie? How old is your child? Do you prefer front, hip or back carrying?

Answer a few questions in our interactive baby carrier advisor and we will tell you which baby carrier suits you best.

Do you still have questions?

In our FAQ you will find all the frequently asked questions and our answers. Haven't found the right answer? Then feel free to contact our customer service via our contact form or by phone. From 50 years of experience in babywearing, we know almost every question and are happy to answer them.