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Wooden Animal Set

Product number: dhf
Material: 100 % Beech Wood
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Precocial, altricial and "clinging" young - Mammals can be divided into different groups based on how the babies develop. Yet who is who and where does the human young belong?

A set of toy figures - animals and a human baby made from 100% beech wood produced in a sheltered workshop in Japan.

They come in a nice little bag made from DIDYMOS wrap fabric. Great to keep them on hand for your children when on the go.

Our tip for babywearing consultants:

Ideal to illustrate why human babies want to be carried, the cute little figures may also serve as a casual introduction to your courses. Afterwards, the older sisters and brothers will love to play with them during the consultation.

Material & properties

Material: 100 % Beech Wood

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Oct 12, 2020 23:00

Das Holzfigurenset ist sehr gut verarbeitet und ich freue mich schon darauf mit meinen Kleinen damit zu spielen / ihm beim spielen damit zuzusehen! Mir persönlich gefällt ja der Beutel am besten (habe einen aus dem Märchen-Stoff bekommen) und überlege ihn selbst zu benutzen, weil er so schön ist

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