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Humans are a carried species - so it is extremely rare that a baby really doesn't want to be carried. It is more likely that she prefers another tying method or carrier. In this case it is a matter of: Try it out, preferably together with a babywearing consultant.

This can happen - especially if you are still unsure about tying the sling. With time, tying and adjusting the carrier happens very quickly and the child gets used to the process. Some parents also sway or move around while tying, which can defuse and distract from the situation.
But you will see: As a rule, your baby will calm down as soon as he or she is tied and you start moving.

It usually helps to stand as upright as possible when tying the wrap or to give the child an interesting toy to hold while tying. There are also some carrying methods that are particularly popular with "seat poppers". Talk with us about this, and we will be happy to advise you.

We recommend avoiding forward facing carrying, as the advantages of carrying are lost. If the child wants to see more, it is often helpful to carry the child in a different way, e.g. on your back or hip, so that the child can see forwards.

Carrying your child should not cause pain. Pain is usually an indication that something is wrong. Check that you are using a correct carrying method and that the sling or carrier is tied tightly enough. Try different options and if in doubt, please contact a babywearing consultant.

Carrying is extremely relaxing for babies and simulates time in the womb, especially through movement. When the baby is put down, the movement stops and the baby wakes up - this is quite normal. Practice putting the baby down without pressure from time to time - experience shows that it works best if you first put the bum down and then the baby over the side. The kangaroo carry is very suitable for putting the baby down - try it out!

If your sling loosens over time and slips down, you probably didn't tie or knotted it tightly enough, leaving fabric that sags with time and motion. Just untie the knot and tighten it again. Next time you can try pulling it a little tighter.

If the strap of your carrier is too short or long for you, you can simply exchange it for an extra short or long strap. If it is much too long for you, you can also pull it to the longest setting and double it.