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Carrying Babies and Toddlers


You can start carrying your baby from her first day of life. Nevertheless, the new mother should be mindful of her body’s messages in the postpartum period - and, if possible, leave the carrying to others.

Wie lang sollte ein Babytragetuch sein?The length of the sling you need depends on your clothing size and how you want to tie it. We have developed an interactive size advisor to help you estimate which size wrap is ideal for you.
If you are unsure, please call us or send us an email.

schlafendes Baby im TragetuchMany babies and children like to fall asleep while being carried and can easily spend a large part of the day in the sling or carrier. This is perfectly okay! As long as both the wearing adult and baby are comfortable, there is no such thing as too long. Naturally, over the course of the day, children are taken out of the sling or carrier for nappy changes and feeding. Riding in a car or on a bike are not appropriate when you're wearing your baby.

was zu beachten istPlease always pay attention to the following when you are carrying your baby:

  • Clear airways
  • Upright position
  • Supported (rounded) back
  • M-shaped straddling position and
  • Support from the back of one knee to the back of the other knee

Welche Traghilfe pass zu uns?Carrying systems are like shoes – no single shoe fits everyone. It is therefore best to check out the different systems in advance and, best of all, to try them out - on our website, at a babywearing consultation or in our shop. We are also happy to send out different slings and carriers for you to test within Germany.

Auch ein größeres Kind kannst Du noch tragen. Our carriers are tested up to a weight of 20 kg. Woven slings could also be used beyond that, while our jersey slings can be used up to 20 kg. You will always find the weight limits marked for the individual carriers.

KopfstützeThere are different options: for small children, the edge of the wrap can be folded over a small piece of fabric, e.g. a muslin cloth, to make a head support. If the child falls asleep on your back, a doll sling can be used to stabilise the head. Here, too, it is a matter of trying things out and, if necessary, having the various options shown to you in a babywearing consultation.

Absolutely not! The child assumes the spread-squat position when being carried, which is very comfortable on the one hand, and on the other hand is extremely beneficial for the healthy development of the hips. You are welcome to try it yourself and squat down - it’s certainly comfortable on the edge of a hammock.

Yes, you can sit down while carrying your baby, as long as you are comfortable. But please note: If you want to sleep, please put the child down first.

One sling or carrier is sufficient for carrying - a second one is recommended as a replacement in case you need to wash the first. If you would like to try out different materials, colours, patterns and systems, you will find a large selection in our shop. Or you can use our DIDYMOS rental service to try them out within Germany.

Tights, stockings, sleepsuits, and other all-in-one clothing items can exert too much pressure on your baby's toes and feet if the clothing is too small or if extra fabric collects behind your baby's knees. Therefore, make sure that you choose loose-fitting tights or one-piece suits and as a last step, pull the excess fabric down from the back of the knees after tightening your carrier.

Absolutely not! In fact, ergonomically correct babywearing is extremely beneficial for your baby's physical and mental health. Contrary to any claims of harm, we have compiled a list of good reasons to carry your child in a carrier and many experts agree it’s advantageous.

Humans are a carried species – we evolved to carry our babies. The practice of carrying has many physiological and bonding advantages. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with the (additional) use of a pram as long as your baby is happy with it.

No, you should not fall asleep whilst carrying your child in a baby carrier or sling. A secure carry with free airways must be maintained at all times.