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Baby Wrap Sling Facett Tethys

Product number: tta-777
Color: Anthracite, Light Green, Emerald, Teal
Surface weight: 200 g/m²
Material: 100 % Organic Cotton
From €85.00
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Anthracite interwoven with green, petrol and emerald cotton yarns blend into a colour gradient of blues and greens. Thetys, a Greek sea goddess seemed to be a perfect name giver for this newFacett wrap reflecting the shimmering colours of a dark sea.

The nature of the Facett weave adds depth to the surface creating a slightly grippy fabric texture that holds knots firmly in place.

Medium weight and made from 100% organic cotton, the fabrc is soft, yet tear-proof and durable. It offers optimal diagonal stretch and is supportive enough to be a safe and cuddly place for a new born and a tired toddler as well.

Material & properties

Age of child: From Birth
Color: Anthracite, Light Green, Emerald, Teal
Different Edges: Yes
Material: 100 % Organic Cotton
Surface weight: 200 g/m²
Vegan: Vegan

Washing & care instructions

Washable: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed

Please follow our DIDYMOS Care Tips to make your DIDYMOS model last for many years.

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Emma of Adventure Woven In has tested our Baby Wrap Sling Facett Tethys
"The first thing I noticed about Tethys – the moment I touched the wrap in the box, in fact – is that it was soft."

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