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DidySling Prima Dark Blue-White

Product number: 2119
Color: Anthracite, White, Dark Blue
Surface weight: 230 g/m²
Material: 100 % Organic Cotton
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Handy and  lightweight, a ring sling for quick and easy use.  Available in all Didymos fabrics, colours and patterns.

Available in all Didymos fabrics, colours and patterns and in size 1 R as a standard stock.  

Prima patterned wraps are great DIDYMOS classics and versatile allrounders. They are completely adjustable for all ages and stages,

Our Dark Blue-White model combines anthracite and white with a dark blue weft, a combination that highlights the contrasts in this sophisticated pattern.

Medium weight and woven in all organic cotton, Prima Darkblue-White is as soft as all Prima wraps and a bit fluffy. It has a slightly grippy texture that is ideal to hold knots and rings firmly in place.

Material & properties

Color: Anthracite, White, Dark Blue
Material: 100 % Organic Cotton
Surface weight: 230 g/m²
Vegan: Vegan

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May 24, 2014 15:28

Dieser Sling wird bei uns täglich genutzt um die Große Tochter zum KiGa zu bringen und zurück, er ist besonders schnell angelegt und gerade für kurze Strecken super praktisch! Durch den starken Farbkontrast, erkennt man das schöne Prima-Muster besonders gut. Zur Frage R ode S? Wir bevorzugen die Scherenfaltung, finde ich bequemer, als die Raffung. Bei dem gerafften Modellen schneidet mir die obere Kante zu stark in den Hals Bereich. Ist aber Geschmacksache, es gilt die Devise, ausprobieren!

May 25, 2014 15:45

I have tried the Prima ringsling from my friend and i am in love with it! the fabric slides very smoothly trough the rings! Very comfortable gathered shoulder that gave me no presure points. Prima's are the best!

May 24, 2014 16:20

super zu binden! angenehm zu tragen und wunderschön abzusehen!! <3 Prima

Mei tested our DidySling Prima Nature
I love using the Didysling and always have it with with me wherever I go.

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