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DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Slings

Do you dream of having your hands free again? It's for this reason, and more, that parents start wearing their babies.
A true favourite amongst babywearers, baby wraps remain the gold standard for baby carriers. They fit everybody and are best suited for: preemies, newborns, infants, and toddlers, as well as for mums, dads and friends.

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Elastic sling or woven wrap sling - which one should I choose?

An elastic sling is knitted, a conventional sling is woven. This results in different wearing characteristics. 

While an elastic sling is particularly soft and cuddly due to the way it is made and is therefore perfect for newborns or premature babies, a woven sling is firmer and offers more support, especially for larger and heavier children. So an elastic sling gives more (hence the term "elastic"), a woven sling has very little "bounce".

The decision whether an elastic or woven sling is more suitable for you depends on the age of your baby and the expected duration of use. 

If you want to carry especially in the first weeks after birth or are looking for a special sling for this time, then an elastic sling made of jersey comes into question. You can use an elastic sling up to approx. 12kg.

If you are looking for a sling for the entire carrying period, a woven baby wrap sling is a good choice. These are also available in particularly soft materials, such as wool.

What is the difference between a sling and a baby carrier?

A sling is a long piece of fabric that you need to tie and knot in one way or another. But it is very flexible and individual: you can use different ways of wrapping it in front of the chest, on the hips or on the back. Properly tied, the child automatically assumes the anatomically correct position, which makes a sling especially popular in the first six weeks after birth.

Other advantages of the sling are:

  • Mobility: climb stairs with baby in the sling, take the bus or train, go hiking
  • Health: promote healthy hip development for your baby and strengthen your own back
  • Bonding: Closeness and cuddles come free on top! 

A baby carrier offers a little less room to maneuver, but is easier and faster to use. 

You can find an overview of our different baby carriers here. You can also find out which carrying system is right for you and whether you would be better off with a sling or a baby carrier in our baby carrier advisor.

From what age can my child be carried in a baby wrap sling?
You can wear your child from birth in both woven and elastic slings. 

Pay attention to the correct tying method and make sure that the airways are always free. You can find more about this in our warnings.

Especially in the first weeks after birth, however, you should take care of yourself and your pelvic floor and, whenever possible, hand over carrying to other caregivers.

Which sling size do I need?

Our DIDYMOS slings are available in different sizes, from very short to very long. Generally, you can carry your child with any sling length. The size you need therefore depends on the combination of your preferred tying method, your body size and your clothing size. 

In our DIDYMOS size advisor, we will find the ideal sling length for you and your child together. 

How do I tie a baby wrap sling?

There are many different ways you can tie a sling - that's what makes slings so appealing!

You can wear your child in front of your chest, on the side of your hip, or on your back, with a long or short sling, single or multilayer, with a fancy finish or simple knot.

As an introduction to tying and for newborns, it is recommended to learn the Front Wrap Cross Carry, as it forms the basis of all other tying methods. You can find other tying methods as well as detailed tutorials and video instructions in our instructions.

Regardless of your chosen tying method, please always ensure the following:

  • Upright seat, supported back
  • Clear airway (mouth and nose)
  • M- position

You can find more information about this in our warnings.
You can also get help from a babywearing consultant.

Can I also carry twins in a sling?

The term DIDYMOS is ancient Greek and means "twin" – for a certain reason! 

Our founding mother Erika Hoffmann became a mother of twins herself 50 years ago, 1971, and was looking for a way to give her babies as much love and affection as her other children and at the same time be there for the older siblings.

So the answer is: Yes, you can also carry twins in a sling! 
Find out exactly how and what options are available here.

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