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Beach bag Katja

Product number: 12-305
Color: Multicoloured, Orange
Material: 100 % Organic Cotton
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Tailored with sturdy DIDYMOS wrap fabric, this durable bag is great both on the beach and off it.  It‘s a must-have „carry-all“ bag, for family picnics and outings, for shopping, kids toys, diaper bag, road trips, school, sports or any other activities in your life!

With a size of 55 x47x13 cm, the bag offers plenty of storage space. Folded, it takes up minimal space and you can take it with you wherever you go.

Model Katja: Cheerful stripes woven in red, orange, blue, green and yellow


Material & properties

Color: Multicoloured, Orange
Material: 100 % Organic Cotton
Vegan: Vegan

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