Baby Wrap Sling Ada Malachite

Product number: tti-985
Color: Emerald, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Light Green, Bright Yellow
Surface weight: 190 g/m²
Material: 100 % Organic Cotton
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Still deep in winter and longing for spring, we wish you will love the fresh colours of our new Ada release. The emerald cotton warp harmoniously interweaves with weft yarns alternating from dark blue to turquoise, to light green and bright yellow, a gradient that makes the pattern shine in fresh hues of blue, green and yellow.

The Ada model is made from a Jacquard woven cotton fabric featuring the rich variety of traditional European weave patterns.

Lightweight. the fabric is fluffy and soft, yet has a slightly textured surface that is grippy enought to hold knots in place and allows for tying exact and supportive carries.


Material & properties

Age of child: From Birth
Color: Emerald, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Light Green, Bright Yellow
Different Edges: Yes
Material: 100 % Organic Cotton
Surface weight: 190 g/m²
Vegan: Vegan

Washing & care instructions

Washable: Max. 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Low Spin Speed

Please follow our DIDYMOS Care Tips to make your DIDYMOS model last for many years.

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Oct 13, 2020 10:14

Mega leuchtende Farbe

Oct 15, 2020 11:52

My all time favourite. Habe ich zur Geburt meiner Tochter geschenkt bekommen, damit begann meine Liebe auch für Didymos. Leicht und mega stabil und die Farben einfach ein Traum. #greenobsession

Feb 26, 2017 14:06

Das Tuch war Liebe auf ersten Blick. Es ist wunderschön, weich und trotzdem gut griffig. Die Farben sind einfach zum Verlieben. Mein Baby - 7 Wochen alt - liebt dieses Tuch auch.

Sep 10, 2018 22:06

Dieses Tuch haben wir zur Geburt unseres Kindes geschenkt bekommen und sind absolut begeistert. Die Farbverläufe sind wunderschön und das Tuch ist kuschelig weich und hat trotzdem die nötige Festigkeit, damit beim Tragen nichts verrutscht. Wir können dieses tolle Tuch wärmstens empfehlen.

Suitable Products

Suitable Products
Loop Scarf Ada Malachite
Made from the fabric of original DIDYMOS Baby Wraps, our loop scarves are available for one and all, in two different widths and lengths. Loop Scarf Ada Malachit features the Ada pattern in bright shades of blue, green and yellow. Size 1 – Length abt. 150 cm (circumference) and width abt. 34 cm  Size 2 – Length abt. 180 cm (circumference) and width abt. 68 cm  Twice or three times wrapped around, it will warm and suit you well. And if you wish it as a head scarf instead, then size 2 is the best option. 
Bum Bag Hearts Malachite
Bum bag, banana bag, waist bag or belt bag - whatever you want to call it – the bum bag is back in vogue and it is one of the most practical and comfortable accessories there is. Made from the Didymos wrap fabrics we love, they are trendy, look great and they are sturdy, lightweight and ultra-convenient. They open wide with a zipper and are spacious enough to keep all the little things you need to have close when you are on the go, from lip balm, purse, wipes to phones or extra diapers and anything else in between. A little snap hook inside the bag additionally secures things you do not want to loose. Ideal for babywearers who need to be hands-free while having all these little things close and securely stored. The bag sits comfortably against your body and with the adjustable straps, you have the option to fit it to your carrier and the way you are wearing your child. Styling tip if you do not babywear or for back carries: Today’s trend is to wear them slung over the shoulder and across the chest rather than around the waist.  The bag comes in in many Didymos colours and designs to match your favourite wrap, carrier or outfit.
Sling Rings, Pair Turquoise
These rings are perfectly suited to turn your short DIDYMOS Baby Wrap (for example size 2) into a ring sling. You can either use the rings to make a permanent change by sewing the rings onto one end of the wrap. Alternately, you can use the rings to make a no-sew ring sling and keep the wrap unchanged.. For instructions go to our DidyMagazine. These solid aluminum rings feature unique no-weld construction. They are 5 mm thick, nickel-free and thus hypoallergenic. The rings are sold in pairs and they are available in a wide variety of colours to match any DIDYMOS wraps. Sizes (diameter):87 mm  
From €6.95
Doll Sling Ada Malachite
The doll sling is a great way for your little ones to take their dolls and toys wherever they go. No dragging them through the dirt, or laying them down somewhere to be left behind when you are out and about. A lovely idea for older brothers and sisters of little babies and a beautiful scarf for grown ups. The Ada Malachit model features a new design combining traditional patterns that have their origin in the European art of weaving. The pattern is shining in a gradient of fresh shades of blues and greens.  The fluffy soft Jacquard fabric makes it a beautiful scarf that grown ups will love to wear and bring some colour into the grey winter days.
Didy Onbuhimo Ada Malachite
The Onbuhimo carrier, originating from Japan, is worn up high on the back and is designed for babies, toddlers, and children who can sit unassisted. It looks a bit like a rucksack and it is as fast to put on and to take off - ideal for toddlers who love frequent ups and downs! Without a waist belt and worn on the back, it is also a perfect choice for a pregnant mother who can carry her child without putting pressure on the growing belly. Made of the same high quality fabric as Didymos baby wraps, the Didy Onbuhimo supports your child‘s back perfectly and holds her/him in a healthy and safe position. Individually adjustable and easy to handle, the Didy Onbuhimo carrier allows for close, stress-free babywearing. Features that make our Didy Onbuhimo so comfortable: Suitable for caregivers of different body shapes and sizes Wide, padded shoulder straps, individually adjustable Back panel made from DIDYMOS high quality wrap fabrics with inherent diagonal stretch allowing the panel to conform to your child‘s shape and to crreate a supportive and comfortable pouch. Adjustable chest strap to optimize the fit of of the shoulder straps and the pouc Fully adjustable seat width to conform to your child‘s size. Padded edges to protect the back of your child‘s knees. Adjustable head rest to provide secure hold and support for your child‘s neck and head. Suitable for children who can sit unassisted, weight from abt. 7 to 20 kg Back panel and shoulder straps of this DidyGo are made from baby wrap model Ada Malachit featuring the intricate pattern in bright shades of blue, green and yellow.
DidySnap Ada Malachite
Soft structured and individually adjustable, this full-buckle carrier is convenient and easy to set up offering natural wearing comfort. Shoulder straps and waist belt are fastened completely with buckles, there is no tying to be done, ideal if you would rather do without. The robust, fully adjustable padded waist belt with safety clip buckle provides the necessary support. The panel width is fully adjustable to ensure an ergonomical and comfortable position for a small newborn or a bigger child – ONE carrier from birth to toddler age. The shoulder straps are attached to the back panel with buckles. For smaller babies the straps are placed under baby’s legs and are clicked into the patented M-buckle, this will ensure that even the smallest babies are held firmly and securely in the correct spread squat position. The straps are fastened further up on the back panel for older children. This optimizes the distribution of weight, enables back-friendly babywearing and provides secure support for heavier children. Freely movable pads attached to the shoulder straps can be placed wherever they are comfortable. The back panel can be extended with the headrest. Adjustable via drawstrings, it supports the head and neck of small babies or of bigger babies falling asleep. The DidySnap allows you to carry in a front, hip and back carry with your baby close to the action during everyday activities or on holiday - for a successful babywearing experience. The DidySnap features at a glance: Padded waist belt with patented click buckle adjustable to all sizes. Fully adjustable seat for a physiological spread squat position. Padded shoulder straps, fully adjustable to the carrying position and the size of the wearer. Depending on age and size, the shoulder straps are placed under baby's legs and clicked into the M-shaped buckle or they are attached to the side of the back panel. Straps can be crossed or parallel. Back panel made of proven DIDYMOS wrap cloth. Can be extended with the integrated headrest. Back panel and width of headrest adjustable by drawstrings. The headrest can be fastened to the shoulder straps with strings to support the sleeping baby’s head. For front, back and hip carries. All fabrics – back panel, belts and pads – made of DIDYMOS wrap cloth in best organic quality. From birth into toddlerhood. Fully adjustable and suitable from 3,5 kg up to 20 kg. Complies with the prevailing CEN/TR 16512:2015 safety standard Available in many DIDYMOS fabric designs and colours. DidySnap Ada Malachit is made with DIDYMOS cotton wrap fabric featuring the Ada pattern in shades of turquoise with light green and bright yellow. 
Babywearing Sweat Jacket
Versatile, this carrying sweat jacket is both casual and chic and can be worn during pregnancy or with your baby comfortably snugged under it! Designed by Wear-Me-Baby, Italy Made from soft, warm cotton/Polyester sweat fabric, it offers great comfort and maximal flexibility. The jacket protects both the wearer and baby while out and about in chilly weather. A separate insert can be attached in to either the front or the back of the jacket with zippers. After pregnancy and baby-wearing period it can be worn as a normal sweat-jacket without the inserts. Sweat jacket made of 75% cotton, 25% polyester Drawstring hood Practical side pockets Flexible cuffs and bottom band to keep the cold outside Can be worn as normal sweat jacket without the inset It combines with the Didymos Baby Wrap, the Didy Meh-Dai, the DidyKlick or other soft carriers and is suitable for front as well as back carries. Available in blue and sizes S to XL
From €84.90
Backpack Ada Malachite
Looking for a little bag that holds your DIDYMOS Baby Wrap, DidySling or Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai)? Then you will love this functional little backpack that is made from the same organic fabric as used for baby wrap model Ada Malachite.The bag closes and carries with drawstrings and measure 35 x 28 cm and is designed to hold your baby carrier or other useful things that you need when you go to the market, the beach or whereever you are out and about. The bags are available in a wide range of colours and patterns to match your DIDYMOS wrap or carrier.
DidySling Ada Malachite Size 1R
Handy and easy to put on, nothing quite beats the convenience of a Didymos ring sling for quick ups-and-downs. Available in all Didymos fabrics, colours and patterns and in size 1 R as a standard stock. Made from the Ada Malachit model, the fabric of this DidySling features the rich Ada pattern in a fresh colour gradient blending turquoise with light green and bright yellow, a colour shading that makes the pattern shine in the daylight. The lightweight fabric is soft and a bit fluffy, yet supportive enough to offer secure hold and comfort for carrying  newborn and older babies alike.
Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) Ada Malachite
One-size baby carrier of supreme comfort, very supportive and easy to put on. Ideally suited for carrying a newborn as well as an older baby on the front or back. Made from the Ada Malachit model, the fabric of this Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) features the intricate Ada pattern in a fresh colour gradient blending turquoise with light green and bright yellow, a colour shading that makes the pattern shinein the daylight. The lightweight fabric is soft and a bit fluffy, yet supportive enough to offer secure hold and comfort for carrying  newborn and older babies alike.
Baby Wrap Sling Jade
Baby Wrap model Jade- woven from a mix of natural white and green cotton creating a soft green that makes us dream of spring. A DIDYMOS baby wrap made from cross twill fabric - it offers great carrying comfort and support at a very favourable price. Made to the highest standards. The cross twill weave makes for sturdy and supportive woven wraps. With their inherent diagonal stretch, they allow for precise tying and comfortably adapt to all sizes and babywearing styles. Durable, tear-proof, comfortable, they are reliable and perfect all-rounders. Soft from the beginning, they stay soft and keep their shape even after lfrequent use. Made from pure organic cotton, dyes free from any harmful substances Fully adjustable and versatile, it is the carrier for your entire babywearing days.
From €59.00
Grow With Me Trousers Ada Malachite
Super comfortable and easy-to-put-on baby and toddler pants, made from soft yet tear-proof DIDYMOS baby wrap fabric. This makes sure that the trousers have good stretch and are absolutely skin-friendly. The loose fit leaves enough room to accommodate diapers and it allows your little ones a lot of freedom of movement when crawling, walking, playing. The flexible waistband and long pant cuffs are made from organic cotton knit Jersey. They simply roll up for the smaller sizes and you unroll them as your little one grows. This makes sure the trousers sit comfortably and nothing pinches – great for babywearing and for play time. Our cute little trousers are available in many lovely Didymos designs, each in 3 sizes that grow with your child. Made from best organic cotton fabric, model Ada Malachit features the intricate pattern in bright shades of blue, green and yellow creating a lovely contrast with the dark blue coloured waistband and cuffs knitted from organic cotton.
From €38.90