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Harder Sling

Product number: drs-000
Material: 100 % Organic Cotton
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The Harder ring sling is made from DIDYMOS baby wrap cloth and woven from best organic cotton. With two rings sewn to one fabric end, the length can be adjusted continuously.

Sling width abt. 40 cm, one standard length.

The Harder sling is designed to be used for Rebozo techniques during pregnancy and childbirth.

The traditional Rebozo, a long, woven scarf, is used by Mexican Midwives to help mothers relax during pregnancy and labour.

Swaying or rocking the hips carefully from side to side in the sling or Reozo is described by birthing women to be like a gentle pelvic massage that helps to release tension, relieve pain and relax into labour.

Available as a standard model.

More information here.

Material & properties

Material: 100 % Organic Cotton

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Harder Sling
Ringschlaufe aus DIDYMOS Tragetuch. Anwendung während Schwangerschaft und Geburt.