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Wearing and Tying Methods

The great thing about slings is that there are so many possibilities! You can discover the tying method that suits you and your child best by trial and error. Take a look at our tutorials or contact a babywearing consultant.
For the early days and weeks, however, the wrap cross carrying position has proven itself in any case. The wrap holds your child securely against your body. By the way, it is also the first choice when the DIDYMOS sling is used in a clinic.

DidySlingYes, in fact this is possible with almost all of our products. A short baby sling or a DidySling have proved particularly suitable for this.

Ein Baby auf dem RückenExperienced babywearers can carry their child on their back from birth. However, if you are still unsure about the backcarrying method or are just learning it, it is advisable to wait for full head control before you start with your first attempts. This is usually the case at 4 months or a little later.

So bitte nicht!There are several ways to do this - we recommend pre-wrapping the baby and then either gently sliding the baby onto your back ("Santa Toss") or pushing the baby onto your back via the hips. Be sure to practise this tying method without the child at first, then stand on a soft surface for the first few times or have someone support you. You can also take a look at our tutorials.

HuckepackWe have created numerous tutorials on all the popular tying and carrying methods as well as on our different products.

Zu fest gebunden?As a rule, parents tend to tie their children too loosely rather than too tightly in the beginning. To be on the safe side, do the following test: can you get your thumb comfortably but just barely between the back of your baby’s knee and the sling? If there is not enough room for your thumb, you can loosen the sling a little.

SlingringeRings are a great accessory for tying knotless finishes. They are also an integral part of our DidySlings, used to loosen and tighten the carrier.

der Mittelpunkt am TragetuchOur DIDYMOS slings have had a centre point ("Mein Mittelpunkt") as standard for many years, which makes the middle of the sling easy to find. If this centre label is missing from your sling, it is probably an older or shortened sling. If necessary, you can make the centre visible on your own, e.g. by embroidery.

You can carry your baby on your hip from birth if you are experienced in carrying. Otherwise, ask a qualified babywearing consultant to show you how to carry your baby on your hips. As soon as your baby can hold his or her head, you can try it yourself without worry. You can find out how to do this in our tutorials.