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Care and Washing

Your new DIDYMOS baby sling should be washed before first use. This is not absolutely necessary for your baby carrier. However, the fabrics often become even softer after washing, so this little extra effort is definitely worth it.

Basically you can start immediately with any sling or carrier! However, some materials, such as hemp or linen, become even softer over time, so many people prefer a broken in wrap. You don't necessarily have to wear the sling to break it in - you can also use it as a blanket or hammock, cuddle with it or "crochet" it by knotting.

This depends on the material - please check the care label of your sling or baby carrier and/or refer to our material pages.

Nothing! Hard water can give the feeling that the sling or carrier is now hard and stiff. This will quickly disappear after a few wears. You can also put a cotton sling in the dryer for a short time at a low temperature so that it becomes nice and soft.

Cotton slings and carriers can be put in the dryer, all other materials should be air dried flat and not in direct sun.

Wash your sling or carrier as often as any other item of clothing, but at a minimum when it becomes soiled.

Please use liquid detergent without optical brighteners and no fabric softener! For woven wraps with wool, silk or cashmere, you will need a wool or silk friendly detergent.

Most slings are happy to be ironed while still slightly damp - but please be sure to check the care label!