Hooded Coat For Two Anthracite

Product number: mkm-090
Color: Anthracite
Material: Aussen: 100 % Wollwalk
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A real highlight for the colder season, stylish and very feminine!

Versatile, the coat can be used during pregnancy and for carrying your baby on the front or on the back. It keeps you warm and dry on colder autumn days and through the winter months. It is compatible with most wraps, slings and carrying systems.

The adjustable babywearing insert is simply zipped into the front or the back of the coat to provide enough space for your carried child or, during pregnancy, for your growing tummy.

Worn on its own, without your passenger, it is a good-looking, elegant coat and no one will realize the hidden features.

Made from pure, organic boiled wool with a high-quality double lining of Polyester and breathable PUL membrane. The temperature-regulating boiled wool in combination with the double lining keeps you and your child warm and protects against rain and cold from autumn to spring.

In spring 2016, this coat was rewarded with the German Design Award! 

Colour: Anthracite.

Material & properties

Color: Anthracite
Material: Aussen: 100 % Wollwalk
Vegan: Not vegan

Washing & care instructions

Washable: Hand Wash or Dry Clean Only! Dry Lying Flat!

Please follow our DIDYMOS Care Tips to make your DIDYMOS model last for many years.

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Suitable Products
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From €89.90
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Ringsling, convenient and quick to put on, fully adjustable and well suited for any user. Manufactured with the same fabrics that are used for creating the DIDYMOS wraps. Available in size 1R, the gathered "shoulder style" as a standard.   Ada Carmine is soft and a bit fluffy, with a slightly grippy surface, the wrap is easy to wrap with holding knots in place whether you wear a newborn or an infant. A lightweight fabric that offers perfect support in width and length. The inherent diagonal stretch gives this wrap perfect wrapping qualities and allows for precise and comfortable tying of all carries whether worn in front, on the back or on the hip. A great sling throughout the year.