Baby Wrap Sling Prima Aurora

Product number: tti-922
Color: Natural, Petrol, Turquoise, Pink
Material: 100 % Organic Cotton
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A new look for the classical Prima pattern - a delicate colour gradation from neutral to petrol, turquoise and on to pink. There are no high contrasts, the colours gradate like in the former Swing model.

Made in pure organic cotton, the medium weight fabric is tear-proof and resistant, yet soft with optimal diagonal elasticity. This makes it easy to tie and comfortable to wear, for newborn and toddlers alike.

Please follow. our care instructions to make this baby wrap last for many years.

Material & properties

Age of child: From Birth
Color: Natural, Petrol, Turquoise, Pink
Different Edges: Yes
Material: 100 % Organic Cotton
Vegan: Vegan

Washing & care instructions

Washable: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed

Please follow our DIDYMOS Care Tips to make your DIDYMOS model last for many years.

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Feb 04, 2020 00:32

Der Farbverlauf des Tuchs ist wunderschön, der Stoff kuschelweich und nicht zu schwer. Lässt sich Dank der Anleitungen auch für mich als Neuling sehr leicht binden. Ein absoluter Traum. Würde ich sofort wieder kaufen!

Oct 12, 2020 22:33

Unser absolutes Lieblingstuch. In Aurora habe ich meine Tochter das erste Mal getragen, als sie noch nicht mal einen Tag alt war. Es hat uns über zwei Jahre jetzt schon begleitet, es ist perfekt für Neugeborene und auch Toddler.

Feb 21, 2017 18:03

Dieses Tuch fühlt sich toll an, ist anschmiegsam u hat tolle Farben. Meine kleine Hexe u ich verliebten uns sofort in das wunderschöne Tuch. Nachdem wir verschiedene Tragehilfen u Tücher versucht haben, sind wir endlich fündig geworden. Wir fühlen uns sehr wohl damit.

Dec 01, 2014 06:33

Eines der schönsten Tücher die ich von DD habe. Super anschmiegsam und stabiler Halt.

Jun 09, 2016 07:13

Eines der schönsten Tücher die ich hatte :-) Die Farben sind ein Traum.

Oct 13, 2020 15:24

Unser Lieblingstuch und Gute-Laune-Tuch im Frühjahr. Die Farbkombination ist einfach toll und es bindet sich wirklich klasse.

Mar 10, 2016 14:24

I love this wrap. Gorgeous colors, so soft and supportive and just the right thickness. Prima is my favorite pattern!

Oct 17, 2020 13:32

Was soll ich sagen, außer: ja, ihr braucht es! :) der Farbverlauf ist einmalig schön, verzaubert mich jedes Mal aufs neue. Es kann richtig richtig richtig weich werden. Das Prima Aurora ist außerdem total beliebt - nach der Tragezeit kriegt ihr es auf jeden Fall schnell wieder verkauft. Große Tuchliebe!

Oct 16, 2020 19:28

Das Prima Aurora hat einen besonderen Platz in unserem Herzen, es war das erste Tuch mit dem ich meine Tochter kurz nach der Geburt getragen habe. Es ist wunderbar weich, toll zu binden und ich liebe die Farben.

Oct 14, 2020 09:24

Wir lieben dieses Tuch. Es ist super weich. Kuschelig griffig.

Suitable Products

Suitable Products
Doll Sling Prima Aurora
Makes a perfect gift for an older sister or brother. Grown-ups will love to wear it as a shawl. The doll sling is only half as wide as the baby wrap and, with a length of abt. 300 cm it is ideal for carrying around dolls and cuddly toys. Made of the PRIMA Aurora model, this doll sling features the PRIMA pattern in a graduation of delicate colours. The fabric is of medium weight, resistant, yet very soft and has good diagonal stretch for easy tying and comfortable wear. Take care of your baby wrap to make it last longer. Please follow. our care instruction.
Baby Wrap Sling Ada Aquarelle
Ada Aquarelle – lightweight, skin-friendly, with a romantic aquarelle look. Ada wraps are much appreciated for their wrapping qualities and their appealing and elaborately woven pattern. To create the „aquarelle“ feel we chose white organic cotton as a background and combined it with a palette of different hues of pink and light grey. Ada Aquarelle is a lightweight allrounder wrap, it is soft to the touch while it has enough grip to hold knots and passes in place. Moldable and with inherent diagonal stretch, the sling adjusts to all needs and daytimes and is suited to carry your child all day long, from newborn to toddler age.
From €79.00
DidySling Prima Aurora
Handy and easy to put on, nothing quite beats the convenience of a Didymos ring sling for quick ups-and-downs. Available in all Didymos fabrics, colours and patterns and in size 1 R as a standard stock. Made from the Prima Aurora model, the fabric of this DidySling is of medium weight, resistant, yet very soft. It has good diagonal stretch allowing for comfortable babywearing..
Bandana Bib Prima Aurora
When it's getting cold, this pretty and soft bandana bib keeps your baby's neck warm and protected. It can be worn over a shirt when at home and with a jacket when you and your child are out and about. The outside of the two-layer scarf is made from babywrap fabric Prima Aurora. The inside is lined with cosy soft cotton plush. Easy to put on with a snap. Closed with the press button, the bandana scarf has a circumference of abt. 33 cm.
Grow With Me Trousers Prima Aurora
Super comfortable and easy-to-put-on baby and toddler pants, made from soft yet tear-proof Didymos baby wrap fabric. This makes sure that the trousers have good stretch and are absolutely skin-friendly. The loose fit leaves enough room to accommodate diapers and it allows your little ones a lot of freedom of movement when crawling, walking, playing. The flexible waistband and long pant cuffs are made from organic cotton knitted Jersey. They simply roll up for the smaller sizes and you unroll them as your little one grows. This makes sure the trousers sit comfortably and nothing pinches – great for babywearing and for play time. Our cute little trousers are available in many lovely Didymos designs, each in 3 sizes that grow with your child. Made from best organic cotton fabric, model Prima Aurora features the Prima pattern in soft pastel tones, the elastic waistband and cuffs are knitted from white organic cotton.
From €38.90
Shoulder Bag with Ring Prima Aurora
Made from the original Didymos wrap model Aurora, this great “over the shoulder” bag makes life on the go more comfortable. It has ample storage space for all your important belongings, everyday errands and daily routines. It is perfect for moms and dads who carry their baby in the wrap or sling and who need to stow away all their baby’s essentials, diapers, little toys, shirts, pants, etc – a convenient “carry all” for everybody. Fully lined and with inside storage pocket, the lightweight and ergonomically designed bag has large and very comfortable shoulder strap which comfortably distribute the weight of even the most “packed” bag. The straps are adjustable by means of sling rings so that the bag can be carried high or very low on your body which is important when you wear your baby in a front or hip carry.   Approx.size of bag (without straps): width 41 cm x height 34 cm
Backpack Prima Aurora
Looking for a unique backpack that holds your DIDYMOS Wrap Sling, DidySling or Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai)? Then you will love our functional little backpacks that are made from the same beautiful organic fabrics as the DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Slings.  They measure 35 x 28 cm and are designed to hold your baby carrier or other useful things that you need when you go to the market, the beach or around the world. They are available in many DIDYMOS colours and patterns..
Sling Rings, Pair Pink
These rings are perfectly suited to turn your short DIDYMOS Baby Wrap (for example size 2) into a ring sling. You can either use the rings to make a permanent change by sewing the rings onto one end of the wrap. Alternately, you can use the rings to make a no-sew ring sling and keep the wrap unchanged.. For instructions go to our DidyMagazine. These solid aluminum rings feature unique no-weld construction. They are 5 mm thick, nickel-free and thus hypoallergenic. The rings are sold in pairs and they are available in a wide variety of colours to match any DIDYMOS wraps. Sizes (diameter):87 mm  
From €6.95
Bum Bag Prima Aurora
Bum bag, banana bag, waist bag or belt bag - whatever you want to call it – the bum bag is back in vogue and it is one of the most practical and comfortable accessories there is. Made from the Didymos wrap fabrics we love, they are trendy, look great and they are sturdy, lightweight and ultra-convenient. They open wide with a zipper and are spacious enough to keep all the little things you need to have close when you are on the go, from lip balm, purse, wipes to phones or extra diapers and anything else in between. A little snap hook inside the bag additionally secures things you do not want to loose. Ideal for babywearers who need to be hands-free while having all these little things close and securely stored. The bag sits comfortably against your body and with the adjustable straps, you have the option to fit it to your carrier and the way you are wearing your child. Styling tip if you do not babywear or if you do back carries: Today’s trend is to wear them slung over the shoulder and across the chest rather than around the waist The bag comes in in many Didymos colours and designs to match your favourite wrap, carrier or outfit.
Baby Wrap Sling Ada Travertin
Cool colour gradient - Ada Travertin – lightweight and soft to the touch. Ada wraps are much appreciated for their wrapping qualities and their appealing and elaborately woven pattern. For the Ada Travertin design we chose white organic cotton as a base and combined it with cotton yarns in colours going from white to natural to grey and teal – looks amazing and feels really pleasant to the skin. Ada Travertin is a lightweight allrounder wrap, it is soft to the touch while it has enough grip to hold knots and passes in place. Moldable and with inherent diagonal stretch, the sling adjusts to all needs and daytimes and is suited to carry your child all day long, from newborn to toddler age.
From €79.00
DidyKlick Prima Aurora
Buckle around your waist, sit your baby in the soft pouch, tie the shoulder straps and you are ready.  You can go wherever you want to go and do whatever needs to be done while your baby is snuggled up and held like in a woven wrap. A semi-structured, half buckle carrier, our DidyKlick combines the comfortable support and mouldability of a woven wrap with the convenience and simplicity of a buckle carrier Easily adjustable, the padded waist belt is secured with a clip-buckle ensuring support around the torso. The large, adjustable body panel made of wrap fabric creates a soft pouch offering a safe place for your little one. Wide and spreadable, the  shoulder straps can be tied in a variety of ways to mould around your shoulders allowing a high degree of adjustability for all shapes and sizes. They ensure a snug and enjoyable fit while adding an extra level of comfort and support. The DidyKlick allows you to carry your baby on your front, hip and back at the appropriate ages while your child is always supported across the back and the bottom ensuring the natural spread squat position. Features at a glance: Padded waist belt with safety clip-buckle, sturdy, adjustable to all sizes. Soft back panel with integrated headrest that can be adjusted by drawstings and fastened onto the straps by snap fasteners . Wide, spreadable shoulder straps made from soft woven wrap material for comfortable support in any carrying position  Material: Body panel and shoulder straps made from DIDYMOS wrap cloth woven from pure organic cotton,  skin-friendly, ecologically compatible and sustainable, robust with an inherent diagonal stretch. Security: Complies to the EU safety standard  CEN/TR 16512 and to the ASTM F2236 standard. Made in Germany and neighbouring countries. Fully adjustable and suitable from 3,5 kg up to 20 kg For all features of our DidyKlick at a glance click here Back panel, shoulder straps and waist belt of our DidyKlick model Aurora are made from baby wrap model Prima Aurora. The lightweight Aurora model has been incredibly popular right from the beginning. And it is, indeed, simply beautiful with its soft summer pastel shades.
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Baby Wrap Sling Prima Asayake Hemp
Baby Wrap Sling Prima Asayake Hemp
Early in the morning, the dark of the night is fading away - shades of blue, red, and white light the sky, the day begins – beautiful with Prima Asayake. Our Prima patterned wraps are great DIDYMOS classics and versatile allrounders. They are completely adjustable for all ages and stages and they are available in many colours and material blends. Prima Asayake is a 65/45 cotton/hemp blend, medium weight and as soft and a bit fluffy as all Prima wraps, It has a slightly grippy texture that is ideal for holding knots firmly in place yet the fabric glides smoothly for easy adjusting. It offers perfect support in width and length. The inherent diagonal stretch gives this wrap perfect wrapping qualities and allows for precise and comfortable tying of all carries whether worn in front, on the back or on the hip. Once tied, carries stay in place. A bit stiff in the beginning, hemp fabrics break in beautifully and get soft and mouldable. The more you wear them, the softer they become. With their temperature and moisture regulating properties, hemp textiles are breathable and very skin-friendly. Hemp cotton blends are great wraps that are strong and sustainable and perfect allrounders throughout the year. They wrap wonderfully with a small child yet a toddler will find a secure and comfortable place in it as well.
From €89.00 €109.00