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Unsere DIDYMOS Community rufen wir – auch über Facebook – regelmäßig dazu auf, unsere Tragetücher im Praxistest genau unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Die entstandenen Berichte von tragenden Eltern aus aller Welt findet ihr hier:



DidyKlick Metro Blau-Gold

“The Didymos Didyklick is a fantastic half-buckle carrier that combines the simplicity of a buckle-carrier, with the versatility and flair of a woven wrap, and it is quickly becoming one of my favourite carriers! […]”

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DidyTai Metro Marsala

“[…] I think the Didytai is a very good carrying option for both newborns and toddlers, especially if you don´t want to use a wrap. It is easy to use, and it is ergonomic for both baby and mother/father. […]”

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DidyKlick Ozean

“The attention to detail and all the ways to customize size has made the DidyKlick one of my favorite, and certainly one of the most versatile, carriers I have ever tried. I have always loved ssc for quick and easy ups, but find they aren’t very supportive on my back. On the other hand, I love woven wraps for their support, but they aren’t always the easiest option when out and about. The DidyKlick blends the ease of a buckle carrier with the support of a woven into a phenomenal baby carrier that I would recommend in a heartbeat.”

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Silber Flamme Seide und Goldflammen Seide

“[…] These are great wraps, but a run-down of their wrapping qualities isn’t really enough here. Because there’s something somehow….charming about them. They’re beguiling; they draw you in and invite you to admire them. I don’t know how Didymos have done it, but honestly? I think there’s a tiny but of magic woven into these wraps.”

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Facett Morgentau

“In hand Morning Dew & Midday Skies feel very light and floaty with lots of diagonal stretch. They’re easy to wrap with and extremely mouldable, which makes them ideal for newborns or smaller babies. That waffley texture also adds a lot of grip, and the passes stay exactly where you put them.”

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Facett Mittagshimmel

“Sometimes the simplest designs look the best when wrapped and this is definitely the case with Facett. The criss-cross diamond design works especially well with the graduated weft, blending in the colour transitions and creating a pretty, textured effect. Both Morning Dew & Midday Skies radiate bright and beautiful colours that can’t fail to lift your spirits (even when The Great British Bake Off will never quite be the same again!)”

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Facett Tethys

“The first thing I noticed about Tethys – the moment I touched the wrap in the box, in fact – is that it was soft. Really soft. I was amazed that this was a loom state wrap! A wash and iron left it even softer still. This has to be one of the biggest advantages of Tethys, making it a very appealing option for new wrappers (or wrappers with little time or patience for breaking in). […]”

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Lisca Himbeer

“Ich kann das Didymos Lisca Tragetuch wirklich nur weiterempfehlen. Aus irgendeinem Grund ist das Binden, dieser ganze Prozess, immer und immer wieder wie eine kleine Liebeserklärung an meine Tochter. Ich empfinde das Binden als sehr geduldig und liebevoll. Unsere Tragezeit ist noch lange nicht abgeschlossen, aber ich kann mir nur schwer vorstellen, dass es mich enttäuschen wird. Es ist einfach ein perfekter Allrounder. […]”

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Lisca azzurro

“My love for the Lisca pattern started after seeing an actionpicture of this wrap, Azzurro is the most amazing (cornflower) blue, combined with turquoise and petrol which make the colour deeper, more lively and it really accentuates the pattern.

This wrap is the softest wrap I’ve ever felt brand new. It’s amazing, perfect for a newborn baby, no need to break the wrap in, just wash, wear & enjoy! […]”

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DidyTai Wellen Silber

“When I first saw the meh-dai in person I was delighted at how beautiful it is. Whilst it could be considered a simple design in comparison to some other patterns that Didymos produce, waves silver is simply stunning. The shades of grey waves compliment each other exquisitely and seem to shimmer with a silver hue. […]”

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