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Instruction booklet for all those who have got a baby wrap sling but no tying instructions (detailed tying instructions are included with each baby wrap sling in booklet form and on DVD).

Illustrated step-by-step instructions to explain tying of most of the carrying positions - from birth on to toddlerhood. Booklet includes many valuable suggestions and information regarding babywearing.


Spread-Squat-Position/ Characteristics of a good Wrap Sling/ FAQ regarding by wearing

Carrying Positions:

Cradle and Cross Cradle Carry/Wrap Cross Carry and Variation/Kangaroo Carry/Cross Carry/Double Cross Carry/dPre-tied Cross CarryClassic Hip CarrydHip Cross Carry/Hip Kangaroo Carry/ Hip Carry Variation/Back Carry/Wrap Cross Carry on the Back

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