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DidySling Prima New Decade Linen

Codice prodotto: 1907
Colore: Slate-grey, Copper mottled
Grammatura: 180 g/m²
Materiale: 80 % Organic Cotton, 20 % Linen
89,00 € 115,00 €
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Convenient and quick to put on, DidySlings are easy-to-use baby carriers that are comfortable to work with and suitable from newborns to toddler. They are fully adjustable and well suited for any user. Your baby can be popped in and out as needed.

DIDYMOS Prima wraps are all-time favourites and they make great slings that are much loved for their top quality and soft textile feel. Prima New Decade Linen is an 80/20 blend of slate grey cotton and tweed coloured linen, the fancy linen yarn and lovely vintage fringes adding a stylish twist to the classic pattern

Lightweight, the fabric has a slightly grippy texture that is ideal for securing knots and rings yet allows the fabric to glide for easy tightening and adjusting. Moldable and with inherent diagonal stretch, the sling adjusts to all needs and daytimes and is suited to carry your child in front, on the back or on the hip.

A bit stiff in the beginning, linen blends break in beautifully and get soft and moldable. They are known for aging well; the more you wear them, the softer they become.

Note: Please do not spin-dry the wrap or sling.

Materiale e proprietà

Bordi differenti:
Colore: Slate-grey, Copper mottled
Età del Bambino: Dalla nascita
Grammatura: 180 g/m²
Materiale: 80 % Organic Cotton, 20 % Linen
Vegano: Vegano

Istruzioni per il lavaggio e la cura

Lavabile: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Wash in Abundant Water. Please do not spin-dry the wraps!

Affinché possiate godere a lungo del vostro modello DIDYMOS, vi preghiamo di osservare i nostri Consigli per la cura di DIDYMOS per far durare il vostro modello DIDYMOS per molti anni.

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Kit from IG @babywearingkit tested our New Decade Ring Sling
...a nod to the style of the ‘70s, when Didymos first began.

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