DidySling Ginkgo Biloba Hemp

Product number: 9917
Color: Lime Green, Gold
Surface weight: 190 g/m²
Material: 60% Organic Cotton, 40% Hemp
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Wearing your baby is easy with our DidySling - you will love it for its comfort and ease to put on. It is fully adjustable and well suited for any user. Available in size 1R, the gathered "shoulder style" as a standard.

Made from a lightweight cotton hemp blend, DidySling Ginkgo Biloba Hemp features a ravishing Ginkgo leaves pattern woven in bright summery tones of green and gold.  Breathable and skin-friendly, the sling fabric has a pleasant feel and perfect amount of „grip“ to hold your carry in place. Due to the weave and the inherent diagonal stretch, the fabric molds to the wearer and baby with optimal comfort while supporting the baby all over evenly.

A bit stiff in the beginning, hemp fabrics break in beautifully and get soft and moldable. With their temperature and moisture regulating properties, these lightweight hemp wraps are a great choice for babywearing during the warmer months.

Material & properties

Age of child: From Birth
Color: Lime Green, Gold
Different Edges: Yes
Material: 60% Organic Cotton, 40% Hemp
Surface weight: 190 g/m²
Vegan: Vegan

Washing & care instructions

Washable: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Wash in Abundant Water, Slow Spin Speed

Please follow our DIDYMOS Care Tips to make your DIDYMOS model last for many years.

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Suitable Products

Suitable Products
Baby Wrap Sling Ginkgo Biloba Hemp
Fan-shaped Ginkgo leaves floating on a lime green background – a decorative design woven from lime green cotton and gold coloured hemp. Lightweight, Ginkgo Biloba Hemp wraps thin around you and your baby allowing you both to stay comfortable even when temperatures are rising. With its optimal diagonal stretch, it is moldable and easy to wrap with, whether for front, back or hip carries. A great wrap for carrying newborns yet supportive enough to offer hold and security for wearing a heavier baby as well. A bit stiff in the beginning, hemp fabrics break in beautifully and get soft and mouldable. With their temperature and moisture regulating properties, hemp wraps are breathable and very skin-friendly. They make great wraps throughout the year.
From €98.00
DidySling Doubleface Agave Hemp
Handy and easy to put on, nothing quite beats the convenience of a DIDYMOS ring sling for quick ups-and-downs. It is fully adjustable and suited for any user. DidySling Doubleface Agave Hemp comes in size 1R, the gathered "shoulder style" as a standard stock. It is made from a doubleface fabric woven from acqua coloured cotton and harvest yellow hemp The texture of the doubleface weave is optimal for babywearing because it offers support alongside supreme comfort. Densely woven and sturdy, yet smooth to the touch, our doublefaces have the right diagonal stretch that allows the fabric to glide and mould while being easy to work with. Lightweight, skin-friendly and temperature regulating, this hemp wrap fabric is pleasant to wear throughout the year, even when temperatures rise.
DidySling Trias Daffodil
DidySling Trias Daffodil
Our DidySlings are convenient, fully adjustable and well suited for any user. They are available in size 1R with a gathered "shoulder style" as standard.   DidySling Trias Daffodil is made from a double weave fabric with great wrapping qualities – Though more heavy weight, it has a very comfortable shoulder feel and you can't tell from the feeling that this model weighs 300g / m². Supportive with the right amount of stretch and a slightly grippy texture, the fabric allows for comfortable and precise tying of front, hip and back carriers. A true all-rounder wrap and sling and reliable companion throughout your babywearing days, adjusting to your changing needs.
€79.00 €99.00