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Facett Tethys

“The first thing I noticed about Tethys – the moment I touched the wrap in the box, in fact – is that it was soft. Really soft. I was amazed that this was a loom state wrap! A wash and iron left it even softer still. This has to be one of the biggest advantages of Tethys, making it a very appealing option for new wrappers (or wrappers with little time or patience for breaking in). […]”

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Lisca Himbeer

“Ich kann das Didymos Lisca Tragetuch wirklich nur weiterempfehlen. Aus irgendeinem Grund ist das Binden, dieser ganze Prozess, immer und immer wieder wie eine kleine Liebeserklärung an meine Tochter. Ich empfinde das Binden als sehr geduldig und liebevoll. Unsere Tragezeit ist noch lange nicht abgeschlossen, aber ich kann mir nur schwer vorstellen, dass es mich enttäuschen wird. Es ist einfach ein perfekter Allrounder. […]”

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Lisca azzurro

“My love for the Lisca pattern started after seeing an actionpicture of this wrap, Azzurro is the most amazing (cornflower) blue, combined with turquoise and petrol which make the colour deeper, more lively and it really accentuates the pattern.

This wrap is the softest wrap I’ve ever felt brand new. It’s amazing, perfect for a newborn baby, no need to break the wrap in, just wash, wear & enjoy! […]”

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DidySling Doubleface Anthrazit

[…] auf dem Bild seht ihr ein Didymos Tragetuch mit Ringen, den DidySling Doubleface Anthrazit. Der DidySling gefällt mir sehr – die Farben sind unisex sind und passen zu jeder Gelegenheit.
Ich selbst trage meistens schwarz und als Kontrast dazu sind meine anderen Tücher alle sehr bunt. Ein etwas “seriöseres” Tuch, das auch mein Man tragen kann, hatte ich bisher noch nicht. […]

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DidyTai Wellen Silber

“When I first saw the meh-dai in person I was delighted at how beautiful it is. Whilst it could be considered a simple design in comparison to some other patterns that Didymos produce, waves silver is simply stunning. The shades of grey waves compliment each other exquisitely and seem to shimmer with a silver hue. […]”

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[…] dieses Tragetuch ist auch für Anfänger gut geeignet. Das verwendete Garn besteht zu 100% aus kbA-Baumwolle.
Das Flächengewicht beträgt 240g/m² und macht das Tuch absoluten Allrounder. [..]
Was ich unbedingt noch sagen möchte, ist dass die Farben von diesem Tuch wirklich wundervoll sind! […]

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Lisca smeraldo

“I had the opportunity to try a new addition to the Lisca collection, the model “Smeraldo”. A woven wrap of a vibrant green color, mixed with steel blue and anthracite gray. The result is a deep green and a pattern that flirts with your eyes.

I could not believe its softness, it doesn’t need to be breaked in, it is extremely soft and manageable right out of the box. The resulting knot is small, and very easy wrapping. […]”

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Fadenwerk türkis

“Fadenwerk Turquoise combines a dark blue warp with vivid turquoise weft. The turquoise positively glows in the sun and the beautiful bright colours are perfect for spring and summer. Both sides are lovely so you can choose between turquoise on blue or vice versa. The colours are radiant in the sun, and will cheer up even the most dreary English day! […]”

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Metro Tussah

“I used this wrap on a petite 19-month-old, weighing roughly 21lbs. She was very happy in the wrap, and has the tendency to get hot quickly when wearing, but in this wrap she was very content for extended periods of times when out walking. She even has a short nap, which is the ultimate of compliment from a sling sleep refuser. […]”

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Ada Pink Turmalin

“As I write this review, my 7 month old is asleep in the Ada Tourmaline that Didymos sent for me to review. This is a tricky age in wearing as babies are arching their backs to look out and weighing quite a bit more when they sleep, bowling ball style. Not every wrap is comfortable for front carries at this age but there is something really lovely about the new Ada weave that defies the norm. […]”

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