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Silber Flamme Seide und Goldflammen Seide

Emma von Adventure Woven In hat unsere Tragetücher Silber Flamme Seide und Goldflammen Seide getestet




“[…] These Didymos Flames are so elegant that they call for a touch of something a bit different – something a little less concrete, to capture their beauty and the feeling they evoke.[…]

The colour of the silk is just lovely – a warm, truly golden colour. In muted light, the silk threads lie quiescent with a soft sheen – but take them into bright sunlight and they literally gleam, as though Didy have chosen to weave with real gold. […]

Both Flames are wonderfully lightweight, something you notice immediately when you handle them. At 218 gsm they would definitely be considered fairly thin (although that doesn’t imply a lack of support – more on that later!). The weave is neither very tight nor very loose, but it felt cool whilst wearing. If you live in a warm country, or regularly travel on hot public transport, put these slings at the top of your wishlist – they handle the heat fantastically.[…]

And here’s where I need to step aside again from the the matter-of-fact wrapping quality analysis. These are great wraps, but a run-down of their wrapping qualities isn’t really enough here. Because there’s something somehow….charming about them. They’re beguiling; they draw you in and invite you to admire them. I don’t know how Didymos have done it, but honestly? I think there’s a tiny but of magic woven into these wraps.”

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