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Lisca smeraldo

Annia von Mama Vilkas aus Chile hat unser Tragetuch Lisca Smeraldo getestet

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[…] I had the opportunity to try a new addition to the Lisca collection, the model “Smeraldo”. A woven wrap of a vibrant green color, mixed with steel blue and anthracite gray. The result is a deep green and a pattern that flirts with your eyes.

I could not believe its softness, it doesn’t need to be breaked in, it is extremely soft and manageable right out of the box. The resulting knot is small, and very easy wrapping. The texture doesn’t put any resistance, and is so manageable that wrapping becomes easy, very easy.

Generally, the first test I give a woven wrap is with a Kangaroo Back Carry. Despite being a “simple” carry, it gives a lot of information about the fabric.
This wrap has a lot of stretch. I thought it would give in a lot, but it kept fit on the 20-minute walk with my 14-kilo toddler (and with my hands full).
I must say that given its elasticity, I recommend paying attention to the wrap job with heavier babies and single layered carries. […]