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Lisca Minos

Emma von Adventure Woven In hat unser Tragetuch Lisca Minos getestet

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I’m a longtime fan of Didymos’ lisca weave, but have only owned ‘thick’ versions (250+gsm), so I was excited to try a thinner lisca.

The colourway of is Minos really striking and grabs your attention immediately. From further away Minos appears a dark, saturated aubergine. However, close up it becomes apparent that there are 3 different colour threads – black, blue and pink. The blue and pink threads are very vibrant (almost electric) in their colour, and they really pop against the black warp. This makes Minos fascinating to look at, and gives it an edgy, almost urban feel.


Like all liscas, Minos is gorgeously soft from the get-go. One wash and steam iron leaves you with an already cuddly, snuggly wrap. Although they may not feel like they need it, liscas do break in – to be even softer. If I’m using the word ‘soft’ a lot, it’s because this is really a key characteristic of liscas, and Minos is no exception. You’re basically using the kind of soft blanket you want to wrap yourself in when in need of comfort.


Liscas are also well known for their stretch and bounce. When wrapping with Minos, I noticed the stretch less than with thicker liscas (although it’s still there). Once I tied off the carry though, the signature bounce was definitely there. I love this aspect of the lisca weave and find it to be very forgiving – the wrap really moves with you, reacting to you and working with you whilst you’re carrying your child.