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Lisca Arles und Lisca Nizza

Rebecca von The Wrapping Years hat unser Tragetuch Lisca Arles und den DidySling Lisca Nizza getestet




“Didymos’s Lisca wraps are known for their out-of-the-box softness. Certainly, Arles & Nizza require no breaking in and feel as cuddlesome and soft as a well loved baby blanket from the first wash. In hand the wraps feel light, breathable and floaty, with a fine ribbed texture.

Arles and Nizza glide into place when wrapping and are extremely mouldable with considerable diagonal stretch. The ribbed herringbone texture provides a good amount of grip so everything holds in place. […]

Lisca Arles and Nizza are super soft, mouldable and perfect for a new baby or novice wrapper. I can’t imagine a better baby shower gift but Arles and Nizza will last you well beyond the early days. With the right size and carry, these versatile wraps will serve you through toddlerhood and beyond.”

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