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Facett Mittagshimmel

Rebecca von The Wrapping Years hat unser Tragetuch Facett Mittagshimmel getestet



“[…] Sometimes the simplest designs look the best when wrapped and this is definitely the case with Facett. The criss-cross diamond design works especially well with the graduated weft, blending in the colour transitions and creating a pretty, textured effect. Both Morning Dew & Midday Skies radiate bright and beautiful colours that can’t fail to lift your spirits (even when The Great British Bake Off will never quite be the same again!)

Handily, the two rails of each wrap are distinctly different, with one showing the ecru warp and the other the graduated weft. This makes it easier for new (& busy or distracted!) wrappers to wrap with them without getting twisted up like a Swiss Wurzelbrot.

When they first arrived, Morning Dew & Midday Skies felt light, thin and a teeny bit crispy. Never fear though! They went straight in the washing machine and tumble drier and softened up nicely, making them squish worthy from the outset. Their inaugural wash also brought out the diamond pattern into a lovely three dimensional miniature waffle-like texture.

In hand Morning Dew & Midday Skies feel very light and floaty with lots of diagonal stretch. They’re easy to wrap with and extremely mouldable, which makes them ideal for newborns or smaller babies. That waffley texture also adds a lot of grip, and the passes stay exactly where you put them. […]”


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