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DidyKlick Metro Blau-Gold

Kelsey von Parental Guidance hat unseren DidyKlick Metro Blau-Gold getestet




“The Didymos Didyklick is a fantastic half-buckle carrier that combines the simplicity of a buckle-carrier, with the versatility and flair of a woven wrap, and it is quickly becoming one of my favourite carriers!

Made with Didymos’ high quality, and beautifully designed organic cotton wraps, these carriers are as comfortable as they are gorgeous. This carrier came out of the box relatively soft and flexible, and is breaking in easily with regular use. As with other Didymos wraps I have used, I think this carrier will continue to soften up as it is tied and used!

This pattern has a great, tight weave that is holding up great, and hasn’t showed any signs of easily pulling, which I  love, since I am not always gentle with my carriers! It has a slight diagonal stretch, but is sturdy and supportive when tied. This material ties securely, and doesn’t slip or sag, even with extended wearing. […] ”

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