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DidyKlick Chili

Anthropocentric Reviews hat unseren DidyKlick Chili getestet



“[…] Structurally, the DidyKlick is a mid-way point between a woven wrap and buckle carrier. In our eyes, this means that wearers experience the best features of both carrier-types. On the one hand, the DidyKlick is quicker and easier to wear than a simple woven wrap, yet it offers the flexibility which soft structured carriers sometimes lack. Sizing the DidyKlick between caregivers, for instance, is as easy as sliding one buckle (compared to at least 5 buckles on soft structured carriers) since the rest of the fabric is wrapped around the wearer as with a normal woven wrap.

The DidyKlick is also among the most comfortable carriers we’ve worn. Baby feels like an extension to your body, without causing any strain on your back.  My wife even compared it to being pregnant again! […]”


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