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Diamant Stone Lino

Zyanya von Adapting to Love hat unser Tragetuch Diamant Stone Lino getestet



“I was fortunate to try two of Didymos’ new pure linen wraps, Crepelino Rosso and Diamond Stone. Both are nearly identical weights and both are 100% linen, and yet I was surprised that I could easily notice that the different weaves really did wrap differently. You can read my review of the shared pure linen qualities on the page for the Crepelino Rosso wrap, so I will not entirely repeat myself here. Similar to Crepelino, Diamond came feeling papery, though less rough, and the texture changed quickly after a wash. A distinct difference between Crepelino and Diamond was that Diamond needed an iron much more than Crepelino.

I love the look of Diamond, the subtle pattern is detailed and sophisticated and I feel that this wrap can be easily both casual and worn with something more fancy or trendy. It would seem the weaving pattern lends itself to a bit more creasing. While the Crepelino weave helps the wrap to crease less than you may expect from a 100% linen wrap, Diamond is more typical of a linen wrap. But the beauty of Diamond makes some ironing well worth it. After a brief steam iron I put my toddler up for a walk around the neighborhood.

While wrapping I again noticed a clear difference between Crepelino and Diamond. Diamond is wonderfully glidey and it was super easy to tighten, lacking the light grip that Crepelino has. This lends Diamond well to carries like double hammock, or hip carries like Poppins and Robins where the wrap must lay over itself and still be able to be pulled tight.

Just like Crepelino, Diamond is breezy and cool, thin and strong. I think for the same reasons that cause it to crease a bit more, Diamond did have the tendency to dig a bit in a quick ruck carry without careful tightening, but in a double hammock with my 10kg toddler I was very comfortable. Thanks to its glide and thinness I was able to get the chest-pass so snug and smooth, something I often struggle with otherwise. The wrapping qualities between Crepelino and Diamond are slightly different but I couldn’t say I prefer one set of qualities over the other, they are just different. And I do really love the Diamond pattern, so perhaps that does make it my favorite. I hope Didymos releases more wraps in this weave with various fibers and colors.

Just as with Crepelino, the lightness and thinness of this wrap makes it a natural for wearing newborn babies and for people new to babywearing. The strength of the linen means it continues to hold up to the weight of toddlers. And the thinness and properties of linen make it the ideal warm-weather wrap.  Diamond has continued to soften beautifully with use and I can’t wait to feel just how soft it becomes.”

Adapting to love