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Ada Pink Turmalin

Melissa von Wear-a-Bye Baby hat unser Tragetuch Ada Pink Turmalin getestet

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As I write this review, my 7 month old is asleep in the Ada Tourmaline that Didymos sent for me to review. This is a tricky age in wearing as babies are arching their backs to look out and weighing quite a bit more when they sleep, bowling ball style. Not every wrap is comfortable for front carries at this age but there is something really lovely about the new Ada weave that defies the norm.

Over the last couple of weeks, it has easily broken into be a very soft cotton, starting from the stiff thing my washer has a tendency of churning out to what I can only call soft and cushy now. With a prewash surface weight of 246 gsm, it puffed up super nicely after a wash and a wear to 266 gsm! I haven’t even ironed it and the cotton is already doing its magic.

The Ada weave is a fair bit more textured than many of my other Didymos wraps but it is not overly grippy. What do I mean by grip? With some weaves, the texture of the pattern can make it difficult to move the wrap over itself but the benefit tends to be that it doesn’t move once it’s there. With Ada Tourmaline, the wrap has a fine texture that while it doesn’t get in the way of manipulating the fabric, it does mean nothing is moving once you have tied off.

Running my hand over Ruth’s back, I can’t quite place the feel to anything else, wrap or otherwise. It’s softer than a lot of textiles you’ll encounter and it’s a joy to move my hand across it.

My absolute favourite part of Ada Tourmaline is the colour! It is so bright and cheerful, which I definitely needed this winter but will transition right into spring and summer. It is a magenta warp with yellow, red, and orange weft, a combination which in a lot of other wraps would be very bold, but with Ada’s fine details becomes simply colourful. It reminds me so much a Caribbean sunset, with hints of yellow on a pink and orange sky. It really pops against my black sweater right now, and I think would be so striking in the early evening sun.

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