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Babytragetuch Cleo

Artikelnr. ttb-353
Bewertung (6)

Material: 100 % kbA-Baumwolle

Flächengewicht: 200 g/m²

ab 69,80 € inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten
Viele schmale Streifen, die sich bunt und in unregelmäßiger Reihenfolge aneinander reihen.

Das Gewebe ist durch die Kreuzköper-Bindung robust und diagonal elastisch.

Material: 100 % kbA-Baumwolle

Flächengewicht: 200 g/m²

Waschbar: Schonwaschgang bis 60 ° C, niedrige Schleuderdrehzahl

Farbe: bunt

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Kundenbewertungen (6) Bewerten Sie unser Produkt

I wish I could give way more than 5 stars! Best "shop" I've ever worked with. Thank you for making me and my baby so so special!! It looks gorgeous! So very pleased with my purchase! Thank you!!!

Kelly 03.11.2014

I bought this first as a doll sling for my daughter's 3rd birthday because of the bright and happy stripes. As soon as I felt it I knew I had to have one. It practically wraps itself and is very supportive. I love that it's all cotton so it's easy to care for, and the multicolored stripes help to hide spills and other messy baby things.

Drew 30.05.2014

Cleo is wonderfully thin, airy, and perfectly moldable. I was really impressed with its weave and wrapping qualities!

Kelli 25.05.2014

I adore this wrap! It is super soft right from the box, not one bit stiff. It is very easy to wrap with, suitable for a new wrapper as it is not thick and very manageable. I was worried that all the tiny stripes would be "too much" but this is so fun to wear and matches everything without being visually overwhelming. Love my Cleo!

Lindy 24.05.2014

I recently bought this wrap to use with my new baby, due this week. It's so soft and moldable and cushy feeling after just one wash. I'm so excited to wrap my new boy up in it!

Christina 24.05.2014

Cleo is true love!! The colors are more beautiful than you can imagine! The soft and comfortable wrap is gorgeous but can also take any size child and be worn comfortable!

Kathy 24.05.2014
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