DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Orient

Art.No.: ttr-761
100% Organic Cotton
Surface weight:
240 g/m²
Anthracite, Turquoise, Gold, Cyclamen
up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Spin Speed max 400
Short description: A Dream of 1001 Nights. Fine Jacquard fabric.
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writes: 25.05.2014
Orient is one of my most favourite wraps ever! The colours are so rich and vibrant, and it's soft and grippy. I had a long size 6 which when wrapped had dramatic lovely long tails.
writes: 25.05.2014
Orient is hands down one of the softest wraps I've ever owned. The looser airy weave makes it a perfect choice for summer, and the unique pattern adds interest to any outfit. We really love orient!
writes: 24.05.2014
Oh, this one is just fabulous... I think Didymos wraps can make a person to become crazy, dreaming day and night about all this beautiful colours and patterns :)
writes: 24.05.2014
I got Orient in a size 2, to use it as a no sew ring sling on a special occasion, since it looks so elegant, and then also as a shorty. I love it as a ring because with the double layer you really get a lot of cush on the shoulder! But even in a quick ruck I always get a very comfy feeling (my child is now 1 year old). It's the perfect middle thickness for my taste and it's so soft, probably due to the particular weaving. It's never leaving home! However, I can't give 5 stars as I really found the thread shifting issues disappointing: as much as wrinkling suits and adds to this wrap, I'd like to know before I buy. Please Didy, just include a simple washing advice: before washing, leave it to soak in warm water for some hours and that will help keeping the threads in place and even reduce wrinkles if you already got them. That said... I love Orient. I sometimes dream of getting another one in a longer size!
writes: 24.05.2014
Beautiful wrap with great wrapping qualities. Perfect for infants yet comfortable for older babies as well. One of my all time favorites.
writes: 24.05.2014
Orient was the first wrap I ever bough new. I was intoxicated by the beauty of this wrap and blown away by how well it supported my 2 year old. I really learned to wrap with this one and I know that when I have another baby this will be the first wrap I buy!
writes: 24.05.2014
I have bought from Didymos many times and it was always a pleasure. This wrap was not an exception - amazing bounce, super pretty design and quality which beat all. I have lot of lovely memories made with Orient while babywearing my son. Thank you Didymos for this amazing bound.
writes: 24.05.2014
Es ist das Tuch, dass farblich genau zu mir passt. Auch meinen 4 Jährigen trag ich gerne darin.
writes: 24.05.2014
Beautiful airy wrap with stunning colours!
Gets broken in quite easily and ends up amazingly soft!
When washed with high spinning cycles some threads seem to shift a bit, showing a kind of wavy pattern in the purple parts of the wrap, wich I think only adds to the beauty, but some might not like it.
So if you want to prevent it, wash carefully!
writes: 24.05.2014
Orient was my first wrap. I have not been able to find a wrap with such amazing softness since. It wraps beautifully. The weave gives it a bit more give than some wraps. It's also one of the most beautiful wraps I have ever seen. One of my all time favorites!
writes: 24.05.2014
Orient is an amazing wrap! The weave is unique in that it has both flatter, denser areas, and looser, airier areas. This makes Orient both strong and supportive, just still airy and comfortable in hot weather. The pattern is just gorgeous and the colors striking in real life. A medium weight wrap, Orient is easy to wrap with and does not sag. I did not find any pressure points with wrapping. It holds up well to the weight of my toddler! Orient is a wrap that will be with us throughout our babywearing days, and I recommend it to anyone interested in trying it out.
writes: 24.05.2014
I have bought this wrap while i was pregnant, I fell in love with this beautiful & soft wrap ! This pattern is so gorgeous !
writes: 24.05.2014
Wonderful colour pattern. Very smooth But also very supportive even for a toddler. Easy to wrap double hammock .
writes: 24.05.2014
Wunderschönes Tuch
-auch beim dritten war glasklar: ein Didymos-Tuch ist wieder essentiell. Meine werde ich nie wieder verleihen, denn man bekommt sie irgendwie nie wieder. Also wieder nach einem Tuch geschaut - und ich bin begeistert. Das Orient ist ohne Zweifel das allerschönste Tuch, das ich bisher (...vorher schon 4 andere...) hatte. Lässt sich gut binden, gewohnte Didymos Qualität!
writes: 24.05.2014
I bought this wrap for my teenage daughter. It is more beautiful in person. It is light and breathable yet very supportive and not diggy.
writes: 24.05.2014
I just recently purchased Orient. Such a wonderful wrap right out of the box, even more so with a wash and some use. The colors are beautiful as is the pattern. I find it relatively easy to get passes into place and they stay put. This wrap will definitely be staying with us for quite some time!
writes: 24.05.2014
My favorite wrap!!
has a nice grip to it.


The colours are magical and the pattern is opulent - the new wrap seduces with its Oriental touch.

Jacquard weave: the patterns are WOVEN into the fabric and not printed on it.

The fabric is particularly tear-proof and have optimal diagonal stretch.

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