DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Nino Anthracite with hemp

Art.No.: ttn-166
50 % Organic Cotton, 50 % Hemp
Surface weight:
255 g/m²
max. 60 ° C, delicates cycle, use only liquid detergent
Anthracite, Natural
Limitiertes Modell
Short description: Nino - this time with hemp.
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writes: 30.05.2014
What can I say... the most toddler friendly wrap ever. And despite being thick it is very cool to wear and very grippy which means once it's up.. it's up. No sliding business.
writes: 28.05.2014
This wrap was my first introduction to the Nino design. The design itself doesn't do much for me, but I like the hemp fibre and I had really enjoyed using didymos hemp previously. Firstly, I noticed how soft the cotton is in this wrap, and the hemp was considerably softer after just one wash and dry. I found this wrap easy to use from the beginning and very supportive with the lovely bounce I've come to expect from hemp. Only giving this wrap 4 stars, because I gave Natural hemp nino 5 stars and this one isn't *quite* as good
writes: 24.05.2014
Very good for toddlers because of the colour and good "powerlifting" characteristics. Little bit crinite because of the hemp but dyeing can remedy the situation.
writes: 24.05.2014
My children and I love this wrap! It is so soft once broken in. It is smooth enough that passes glide easily but grippy enough that carries stay put. I love to wear my toddler in this wrap, because it is incredibly supportive. I also enjoyed carrying my newborn in this wrap because it is so soft. Nino Anthracite is truly a classic. Thank you, Didymos, for creating this wonderful wrap!
writes: 24.05.2014
This wrap is amazing. Its so soft and supportive. I have no issues wearing my 40lb 3 year old in it and he is very comfy in it, yet soft enough for my newborn.


Very fine and soft Jacquard fabric featuring the Didymos mother-child logo in anthracite and natural colour.

The high percentage of hemp makes this a heavier weight fabric than the regular cotton NINO models.

Classical Jacquard weave fabric which means that the patterns are WOVEN into the fabric and NOTprinted on it. The patterns are the same on both sides,  the colours are reversed.

The fabric is particularly tear-proof and has optimal diagonal stretch. 

Click here to view detailed care instructions.


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